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Rep. Larry Klemin, R-Bismarck, speaks in favor of House Concurrent Resolution 3031 proposing a study of juvenile justice system in North Dakota.

A Bismarck lawmaker has proposed a study of North Dakota's juvenile justice system, seeing "more to do" after a previous study.

Rep. Lawrence Klemin, R-Bismarck, who is also speaker of the House, introduced House Concurrent Resolution 3031 to the House Judiciary Committee on Wednesday. He said the 2017-18 interim study brought only one bill from the interim Justice Reinvestment Committee. 

That bill would raise the age of culpability in North Dakota from 7 to 10. It has passed the House and Senate. 

But Klemin said the state's juvenile justice system still needs a comprehensive look, given the age of the Uniform Juvenile Court Act, adopted in 1969 in North Dakota. 

"Really what is missing is a way to streamline it and bring it up to date," Klemin said.

Cory Pedersen, director of juvenile court for the South Central Judicial District, offered neutral testimony and pointed out a "similar vehicle" in Senate Bill 2313. 

That bill has passed the Senate and would create a cabinet on children's issues and a six-year commission on juvenile justice.

Committee members did not take immediate action on the resolution, which must leave committee by Tuesday.

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