While a Baldwin property owner met the May 1 deadline set by the Burleigh County Commission to demolish her condemned and vacant house, she neglected to have the lot cleared of the debris, which includes metal, nails, old cans and partially burnt wood.

On Monday night, the commission authorized the county take over the cleanup effort at 2604 Elbert Ave., then assess the cost to Charlene Evanenko, who owns the property.

“They’re not going to clean it up the right way,” said Commissioner Jim Peluso. “It’s not going to get done in a timely manner. They’re already over the limit.”

Evanenko’s initial deadline was Oct. 15, 2018. In November, she was granted an extension by the commission due to not having the funds — an estimated $14,800 — to pay for the demolition of the house, which adjacent property owner Kevin Seher says was infested with mice and mold.

“Patience is obviously worn pretty thin on this one,” said Chairman Brian Bitner. “It’s been a long time.”

Bismarck-Burleigh Public Health will be involved in the initial stages of the cleanup effort. The physical removal of the debris will likely be done by a private contractor hired by the county and the site will be tested for environmental hazards.

Evanenko was not present at Monday night's Burleigh County Commission meeting.

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