Closing arguments ended about 2 p.m. Thursday in the jury trial for Morris Brickle-Hicks, accused of fatally beating Misty Coffelt in April 2016.

The 12-member jury took the case soon after instructions from Judge John Grinsteiner. They had not yet reached a verdict after one hour of deliberation.

In closing arguments, Burleigh County Assistant State's Attorney Julie Lawyer ran through her evidence again and said Brickle-Hicks left Coffelt to die after stomping her and hiding her body behind a Bismarck farm goods store.

Defense attorney James Loraas said reasonable doubt exists in the case from the confrontation between Brickle-Hicks and Coffelt.

"The extent of that confrontation is unknown," he said.

In her final argument, Lawyer said the only other person who can say what happened is Coffelt, now deceased.

"He knew she was dead. He knew he left her for dead," Lawyer told the jury. "He killed Misty Coffelt."

About 25 people attended the closing arguments, including police and legal staff.

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