Kendra and Krista Slaubaugh

Kendra and Krista Slaubaugh, the Tirgirlily duo, filmed their new music video in front of the Al Chmielewski lighting display at 2228 Kennedy Ave. in Bismarck.

The Hazen singing duo, Tigirlily, released a single and video for a new original song, “Holiday Honey,” shot partly on location at the outdoor Christmas display at the Al Chmielewski home in Bismarck.

The video features sisters Kendra Slaubaugh, 17, and Krista Slaubaugh, 15, singing a song that they say is unlike any other holiday tune.

“There are lots of songs about Santa and some about romance and loneliness, but I’d never heard any about a holiday honey,” Krista Slaubaugh said. From that idea, she wrote a chorus and verses.

The “Holiday Honey” video was produced by The Creative Treatment, a North Dakota-based video production and distribution company, who had the idea to shoot the video in front of Chmielewski's Christmas Corner at 2228 Kennedy Ave.

“I’d never seen that house before. I loved it,” Krista Slaubaugh said.

Tigirlily is best known for the song and video, “North Dakota,” also produced by The Creative Treatment, which drew more than 150,000 views on YouTube last summer.

The sisters started by posting music videos recorded in their family kitchen in Hazen in late 2010 and today have thousands of followers throughout the country.

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