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One of the men who animated the Beatles and helped bring to life characters from Scooby Doo to the Rugrats over a half century of work is coming to Bismarck to share his art.

“If you watched cartoons Saturday morning as a child, you’re going to be swept up in the nostalgia of it," animator/director Ron Campbell said.

Campbell was an animator for The Beatles’ animated movie "Yellow Submarine" along with the group's Saturday morning cartoon series, along with many other cartoons throughout his career. He was on the original team that created Scooby Doo and has won Emmys in children’s broadcasting and animation.

Campbell has been touring the country selling his artwork, painting original pieces for customers and interacting with fans. His shows have been played in front of millions of people for decades, and his tour has made stops all over the country, enabling him to see the effect his work has had on real people.

“When I was making cuts on films for children, none of us really had any concept of the effect our films were having on the basic culture of children. We knew we had some responsibility, but the audience were numbers on a page, ratings," he said. "Now they’re real people.

“Since I’ve retired and decided to do paintings and travel the country, I’ve had a chance to meet hundreds of people, now adults, who watched the cartoons I make, and the stories they tell me really have touched me," he said. 

Campbell will be at Bismarck Art and Galleries on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.


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