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What do you think of this idea? Let’s make politicians and public officials have to answer all questions truthfully.

We’ll make it mandatory that, if you are going to run for public office, you have to listen to and honestly answer all questions. And every answer will be treated as though it has been given under oath and is subject to perjury charges.

How will we do that? We’ll put shock collars on them. If they lie, we simply shock them. Not only that, but we will have a staff monitoring utterances, kind of like our national security agencies do now, to check the accuracy of the statements immediately and then call them on it.

So, beginning in the year 2020, those will be the new rules and, if you intend to run for office, you’ll have to comply with them.

Or perhaps we should go the other way entirely. Perhaps we should vote for people who are the best liars and the president should be the best liar of them all. After all, we don’t want to be truthful with the Russians, ISIS or the North Koreans anyway, right?

President Ronald Reagan told the Russians back in the ’80s that we were perfecting a Star Wars defense system that would thwart any Russian nuclear attack and make them totally vulnerable. Was that a lie?

Whatever the case, it worked great as a bargaining chip. They signed treaties and the Berlin wall tumbled down, so maybe lies work?

There are those famous political lies like: “I did not have sexual relations with that woman” and “People have got to know that their president is not a crook. Well, I am not a crook.”

If those are two examples of how well our presidents can lie then we are going to have to be a little more concerned about who we vote for.

Of course, a case could be made that some of the advertising we see, hear and read is a lie. A few years ago, a bunch of companies declared that trials had proven that fish oil would help schoolchildren to concentrate. They had data, figures and serious-sounding statistics to bookend the claims.

As it turned out, the data came from a laughable study on Omega-3, not on fish oil at all. Meanwhile, a real study into fish oil proved that it made no difference at all. Yet, fish oil sales boomed.

A lot of people lie, and studies show that we all lie sometimes.

Bella DePaulo, a psychologist from the University of Virginia, says that, according to their research, both men and women lie in about a fifth of their social exchanges or 20 percent of the time.

Thus we can assume that our politicians are telling a lie at least 20 percent of the time. Therefore, the real trick is to determine which part of their dribble is the untrue dribble.

Nevertheless, there are plenty of reasons why we should make politicians tell the truth. Another reason is because, as writer Mark Twain said, “If you tell the truth, you don't have to remember anything.” And wouldn’t it be a lot easier if politicians didn’t have to remember anything?

Kevin Holten in the president of the North Dakota Cowboy Association and executive producer of "Special Cowboy Moments" on RFD-TV.