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In this modern age, we think that we are incredibly innovative and light years ahead of past generations. But in reality, we’re most often repeating what already has been done.

Sure, we’ve got that space travel thing going for us but really where has that gotten us, besides to the moon? In space terms, that’s like going from Bismarck to Jamestown.

Tattoos are something we think are pretty cool, but even prehistoric man did tattooing.

No, the greatest things on earth are those that don’t necessarily pop out at you, make a grand entrance or have a lot of early promotion.

Like sleeping in your own bed after a long trip, finding something you lost a long time ago, learning how to ride a bike and then coasting down a hill after you’ve pedaled for a long time.

It’s the sound you hear when you drop a steak on a hot grill, hilarious Halloween costumes or getting a phone call from someone you were just thinking about.

It’s an extra-long weekend, fitting everything in the dishwasher, being in the only lane that is moving during a traffic jam and watching lightning during a good thunderstorm.

It is when a song you love comes on the radio, the middle part of a slice of fresh bread, listening to your favorite song over and over again and a long hug when you really need it.

Or it’s dropping your cellphone on the sidewalk and realizing it is still OK, hanging out with your mom and dad and that moment during your vacation when you forget what day it is.

And don’t you love it when you lift something that turns out to be a lot lighter than you expected, napping with someone you love or that moment when a baby falls asleep on your chest?

It’s when you learn a new word and then start seeing it everywhere, the night before a really big day, listening to stories about how couples met, a really good long shower, giant morning stretches and laughing so hard you start crying.

Also, it’s when you open a book to the exact page you were looking for, watching a movie at home with friends, staying in your pajamas all day, making a paper airplane and putting on your favorite pair of jeans.

Or it’s eating ice cream off the lid of its carton, looking at the clock and seeing that you have more time to sleep and drawing on steamy mirrors or frosty windows with your fingers.

Plus its tossing garbage in the trash can from far away, making the first footprint in fresh snow and hearing the sound of snow crunch under your boots.

Or it’s when your windshield wipers match the beat of the song to which you’re listening, plugging in the Christmas lights from last year and seeing them all work and a million other things like that.

Yep, it’s really all about stumbling upon the little things, isn’t it?

Kevin Holten is the executive producer of "Special Cowboy Moments" on RFD-TV.