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Kevin Holten: Keeping it between the lines

Kevin Holten: Keeping it between the lines

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I don’t have a daughter, but if I did and some young man wanted to ask me for her hand in marriage, do you know what I’d ask him first? I’d ask him what his driving record is.

And why is that? It’s simply because, in too many instances, especially with young men, when in their hands, a vehicle becomes a weapon.

After all, you don’t want your daughter to marry a drug addict, an alcoholic, someone who will beat her up or, in a worst-case scenario, someone who will murder her. Nor do you want her future husband’s obnoxious, showboating, impatient driving to do her in.

Now, of course, his driving record may be impeccable, and that may only be because he’s never been caught. So, that sit-down, give me your daughter’s hand in marriage session may require a number of highly interrogative questions to ultimately get the facts straight and to make your point. But it may also save your daughter’s life, because it’s that important.

You may also want to check for dents in his vehicle, the condition of his tires and the cleanliness of both the exterior and interior, because it all says a lot about him.

And why am I focusing on that? Because of something I witnessed on Highway 85 just north of Newcastle, Wyoming, just the other day.

I was the second vehicle behind a slow moving semi, on a roadway winding through mountainous terrain. And curves and lack of sight lines prevented me or the car in front of me from venturing into the left lane to pass.

Then suddenly an SUV driven by a young man in his 20s, with a young lady seated in the passenger seat, snuck up behind us and then moved into the left lane to pass.

Oncoming traffic immediately forced him back into the right lane, which, of course, is where I was. And had I not quickly and forcefully applied my brakes, we’d have all been wiped out.

Once that oncoming traffic went by, he then immediately ventured into the left lane again, where, despite seeing an oncoming car in the distance, he stepped on the gas, thinking that he could somehow make it around the big truck in time.

Unfortunately he again used very poor judgement and the oncoming car was not only forced to slow down and veer off the road, but stop to avoid a collision. So once again he put all of our lives in jeopardy.

Now, the situation angered me. Enough so that I was hoping that he might continue in the same direction as I so that, if he pulled into a gas station, I could pull up and lecture him and perhaps, ultimately save both his life and hers.

At the same time, had that actually been my daughter or granddaughter in the car with him I can’t say for sure what I’d have done. But the fact is, it was someone’s daughter and granddaughter and I feel for those people, because if she sticks with that guy, she’s sitting on a powder keg.

Unfortunately he did speed off in another direction ahead of me and that lecture never happened. So I’m hoping the good Lord used that situation to knock some sense into him.

Kevin Holten is the executive producer of "Special Cowboy Moments" on RFD-TV.


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