Meghan Fallgatter’s nursing degree sure comes in handy at the Flying F Ranch near Driscoll. The 49-year-old wife and mother is a registered nurse by day and a key caregiver to their about 800 Simmental Angus Cross cattle the rest of the time.

“Commuting to work in Bismarck isn’t easy, but upon returning home, you will easily find her fencing, feeding her nine bottle calves, feeding her cats and dogs, cleaning, cooking, doing laundry, watering any animals in the barn, running the grain cart or baling,” said her daughter Jarren Fallgatter, who nominated her mother for Country Woman of the Year.

Meghan Fallgatter has been a nurse for almost 25 years and has spent the past 14 years as a full-time nurse for the Sanford Home Health and Hospice Program in Bismarck. The past six years, four or more days a week, she has commuted 41 miles one way to get to work.

“She takes great pride in providing exceptional care to patients and patients’ families at work and carries that over to the animals and her family on the Flying F Ranch,” said Jarren Fallgatter.

Admittedly, Meghan Fallgatter is a city girl, born and raised in Bismarck. But the family moved to the ranch in Driscoll six years ago, and she wouldn’t have it any other way. She particularly enjoys all the action in the springtime.

“I love caring for the babies, I love calving season, even though it’s a hectic time of the year, watching the miracle of life,” said Fallgatter.

Fallgatter relies on her training as a nurse to help care for the cattle.

“My husband (Steve) will look to me often and ask, ‘Should we give them this antibiotic or that, do you think we can save them, what should we do?'” Fallgatter said. “He asks me to give shots, drench baby calves, care for wounds.”

Besides keeping the cattle healthy, Fallgatter helps do all the farm and ranch chores.

“There isn’t much that this lady can’t do or learn to do,” said Jarren Fallgatter.

Megan Fallgatter said she works hard to keep the family farm for the next generation.

“My three sons and daughter love, love, love the cattle. I work hard on the ranch to keep their dream alive,” she said.

Meghan and Steve have four children: Jarren, 24, who is also a nurse at Sanford, Caleb, 22, who helps with the cattle operation, Brighton 20, who is studying animal science at North Dakota State University, and Sharky, 17, who is a senior at Kidder County High School.

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