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OK, for those of you out of town, our prayers for rain were answered last Thursday and Friday. The official Lake Tschida rain gauge, which so happens to be in our front yard, ended up with 4.5 inches of rain in it and my son said that I should probably slow up on my prayers for rain.

The first storm managed to trap us in our garage, next to the beer fridge, for about three hours. The rain came in steady sheets and dumped 3 inches before moving onward. The second storm on Friday was more intense and yes, it once again trapped us in the garage.

Storm 2 roared in with hail and walls of water. The hail was about the size of quarters and since we have a steel roof on our garage the hailstones made us feel like we were inside a drum. The noise was so loud we couldn’t hear each other talk so we just sat by the beer fridge and watched the storm ravage the area.

There were warnings of tornadoes on the ground north of us and when we could finally see the clouds we noted how they swirled above us. The clouds seemed angry as they collided with each other and swirled out of sight. The KX weatherman was on TV frantically trying to keep up with all the tornado warnings but our reception was interrupted by the storm. The storm eventually moved northeast and then our power went out around 7ish.

We managed to grill some steaks and then wondered what to do with ourselves. It reminded me of the old days in the wilds of Tschida. Back in the day we had a black-and-white TV with about 3 feet of aluminum foil wrapped around its antenna. On a good day we could get a picture on channel 12; on most days we could get only sound and snow from the same channel. We spent more time reading, fishing, star gazing, sitting around a campfire, or anything else except communicating with the outside world.

Today we have four TVs, connected to a satellite, we have Wi-fi along with Netflix, smartphones, computers and all the other stuff that distracts us from just enjoying being at the lake. So when the power went out we weren’t quite sure what to do with ourselves.

It didn’t take long for my son to inform me that he was bored, nor did it take long for me to find something to read and head to bed. The remainder of the evening was quiet and we drifted off to sleep before the power came back on.

The storms were intense but once they passed it was so peaceful that we went to bed around 8 p.m. and woke up 12 hours later – and for a guy my age that’s a big deal. So we finally got some rain and our beloved prairie is exploding with life and life is good.

Then our well pump pooped out and neighbour Ron crawled into the pit to fiddle with it. After about an hour Ron surfaced and we decided that the problem was well above our well skills so I said a short prayer, then we called in the local professional, who still hasn’t shown up. However, a few hours after giving up the well healed itself and thank God started working again and it’s still working.

A couple of days later Ron asked me if I did anything and I said nothing outside of that little prayer. We both laughed but the well is still working and I’m starting to believe that sometimes prayers really are answered. Here’s hoping yours are, too.

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Dan Ulmer is a parent, grandparent, as well as a retired teacher, counselor, politician, lobbyist, public employee, nonprofit executive and opinionated citizen who believes that we need to do what we can to leave the world better off than we found it.