Hairball riffs into Bismarck

Hairball riffs into Bismarck


Hairball — a band Alice Cooper has described is as good as he is — will celebrate rock 'n' roll acts from the 1980s with more fireworks and new interactive screens Saturday at the Bismarck Event Center, 315 S. Fifth St.

“There’s always new stuff,” Rockstar Bob, a vocalist of the group which pays tribute to the hard-rockin' big-hair bands that range from Van Halen to Prince to Aerosmith.

The Hairball stage is transformed for each set throughout the night. 

“We’ve got a whole bunch of new things that are heading out for the 2015 tour. A lot of changes in the group and different acts that we’re bringing on the road," Rockstar Bob said.

With no shortage of performance material, Rockstar Bob said they track what songs were done where, so every location’s show is a little different each time.

“We don’t look at it by the year, we look at it by the day. These legendary bands that we impersonate have been around for 40 years. There’s tons of stuff to do,” Rockstar Bob said. “There’s only so much time for us to bring that bombastic celebration to the show.”

Rockstar Bob said Hairball’s show will be “like summertime in the middle of January.”

 “Basically, you have to see it to believe it,” Rockstar Bob said.

Rockstar Bob said there’s no specific demographic that Hairball appeals to, because music from the 1980s is still valid today.

 “Even though it’s rock 'n' roll, it’s an all-ages event. We really try to keep the energy and the edginess and the party of the '80s but still available to all ages,” Rockstar Bob said. “So little kids love it because it’s fun, it’s energetic, they see a spectacle, and Grandma loves it, too, because she likes to look at hot guys in tight clothes. It’s a good time.”


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