More pet parents than ever are planning trips that include their furkids. Pets are beloved members of the family, and travelers want to include them in their vacation adventures. To that end, the way pet parents travel with their pets and plan their trips has evolved. In response, a growing number of businesses are catering more to four-legged travelers to win the hearts (and loyalty) of pets and their people.

Here’s what’s trending in the world of pet travel!

Buckling Up” for Road Trips

It's second nature for most people to buckle their seatbelts in their vehicles, and to also make sure their other travelers are buckled up. But what about their pets? The good news is an increasing number of pet parents are also properly securing their precious furry family members in their cars. Pets have often been allowed to travel unsecured, which in the end poses a danger to themselves and the other vehicle occupants. The important and necessary safety measure of securing pets when traveling is trending among pet parents, and they are choosing to properly secure their pets with pet seat belts, travel kennels, vehicle pet barriers and even pet car seats.

Pets Come First in Travel Plans

When it comes to travel, pet parents are putting their pets first when thinking about where to go, where to stay and what to do. Gone are the days when a family dog just came along for the ride. Today, pet parents want their pets to enjoy the full travel experience. They are focusing on destinations by first considering how their pets will fit in to their travel adventures. Pet parents are easily finding there are many pet friendly places to visit, along with ample pet friendly lodging options, pretty much anywhere they desire to go!

Pet parents know their little ones best, so they are choosing destinations with activities for themselves and their pets to enjoy. For pups who love to get outdoors and be one with nature, pet parents are choosing rustic cabins with natural surroundings, or campgrounds near the woods for hiking and exploring. For dogs who love to dig in the sand and frolic in the waves, pet parents are bringing their families to beachfront condos and lakefront vacation rentals to allow their dogs to enjoy the water and all the excitement that comes along with it.

For those pets who like to socialize and enjoy being out and about, their families are visiting urban locations. Many of these areas are filled with local eateries, stores and pet friendly attractions that people and their pets are experiencing together. On the other hand, for those furkids who prefer one-on-one alone time with just their pet parents and other family members, travelers are choosing more privately located vacation rentals and resorts with spa services for themselves and their pets to kick-back and relax in luxurious settings.

Accommodations With Pet Perks

When selecting places to stay, pet parents like to compare the special amenities that are available. As a result, many pet friendly accommodations are now offering expanded services and on-site options for people and their pets. They realize that making a pooch happy also goes a long way in making pet parents happy, too!

The expanded services at some pet friendly hotels often include a pet concierge. A few examples of these extra special services include dog walking, pet sitting, having appointments set at local pet spas, and recommendations for the best pet friendly restaurants, shops and activities nearby where pets are welcome.

Offering unique and exclusive pet amenities is another way that pet friendly lodgings are making themselves specialized for people and their pets. These pet perks can range from presenting specialized pet welcome baskets at check-in, to offering special on-site play areas, and even providing room service just for pets!

More Pet-Centric Activities

Many businesses are jumping at the chance to “roll out the red carpet” in welcoming people and their pets. More readily available pet friendly things to do are popping up for people and their pets to experience. This quickly expanding activity list includes boating and sightseeing, going on whale watching tours, visiting wineries, mining for gems, stopping by pet friendly breweries and restaurants, and popping in at local dog bakeries for some homemade treats.

Adventure Trips With Pets

Pet parents are skipping the ordinary and moving on to the extraordinary when it comes to adventures with their pets. This type of adventure trip revolves around experiencing new and exciting activities for the first time. These include highly active and adventurous things to do, such as hiking to a mountain summit, participating in a 5K race, or getting down and dirty in a mud run. However, pet parents are also choosing more low-key adventures, such as exploring caverns and caves, walking through towns on ghost tours, or simply visiting historic landmarks . So, whether it’s kayaking and paddle boarding, or just sightseeing someplace new, more pet parents are bringing their pets along for this wide assortment of new adventures.

More people are packing their bags and traveling to new and exciting destinations with their pets. So, don’t be left behind--pack up your pooch and head for the hills to make memories that will last a lifetime!


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