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Bellina certified

Alberto Bellina, a petroleum technology instructor at Williston State College, has earned Rockwell Automation certifications.

Bellina received the Rockwell ControlLogix Programmer and Maintainer certificates Oct. 16 after completing a series of courses and passing examinations.

Rockwell Automation systems are used extensively in the Bakken.

Bellina’s studies were aided by a Department of Labor Trade Adjustment Assistance Community College Career Training grant through Training for Regional Energy in North Dakota.

Ag honorees

Outstanding agriculturists throughout North Dakota and in nine counties in Minnesota were honored Nov. 10 during the 44th annual Harvest Bowl program at North Dakota State University.

The honorees by county or area, name and city include:

• Adams -- Wayne and Gail Weishaar, Lemmon, S.D. The Weishaars raise spring wheat, corn, winter wheat, sunflowers, rye, annual forages and cover crops and also operate a commercial and purebred Hereford cow-calf ranch. They also operate Gail’s family ranch operation in Slope County. Wayne also has been an auctioneer and owner of Weishaar Auction Service for more than 43 years and a real estate salesman for more than 40 years. Gail also has been a real estate salesperson.

• Billings -- Roy and Cheryl Krivoruchka, Belfield. They raise beef cattle and bison from birth to finishing weight near Belfield before shipping them to market. They also farrow hogs to finishing weight and raise grass for hay. Cheryl also is a personal health-care aide.

• Bowman -- Randy and Connie Gaebe, Bowman. The Gaebes operate a commercial cow-calf ranch with Angus-cross cattle near Bowman using conservation grazing practices and artificial insemination on their cattle. They have been ranching for 18 years. Randy is a Bowman Township supervisor and county weed control officer. Connie is a teacher at the Bowman County School.

• Burke -- Joe and Darla Peterson, Bowbells. Joe is operations manager for CHS SunPrairie, where he has worked for 37 years. Darla is in insurance sales. Both are well-known for their support and donations to 4-H, other Extension programs, the county fair and agricultural improvement and other organizations.

• Burleigh -- Mark and Sandra Holkup, Bismarck. They have farmed for 28 years using no-till and managed grazing farming practices. Mark also taught farm management at Bismarck State College for 29 years.

• Divide -- Wade and Lori Bjorgen, Westby, Mont. The Bjorgens raise durum, peas, lentils, canola and hay in Divide County on a farm that has been in the family since 1908. They use no-till farming practices. They have been farming for 43 years. They also raised registered Charolais cattle until 2006.

• Dunn -- Gene and Gynell Harris, Killdeer. The couple operate the Harris Ranch, a third-generation cow-calf operation. They raise Angus cattle and use no-till farming practices to provide feed for the livestock. The crops they grow are corn, oats, barley, alfalfa and cover crops. The Harrises, who have been ranching for 37 years, received the Roughrider Rancher of the Year Award in 2016.

• Emmons -- Steve and Sally Huizenga, Hague. They raise spring wheat, soybeans and sunflowers using no-till and minimum-tillage farming practices near Westfield with the help of their son, Chris. They have been farming for 30 years on a farm that has been in the family since 1895.

• Fort Berthold -- Blaine and Mary Foote, New Town. The Footes previously farmed 10,000 acres south of Parshall. During their 20 years of farming, they raised oats, alfalfa, 300 head of grass-fed beef cattle and 200 bucking horses. The Footes have received awards for their bucking stock for rodeos. They have organized the Adrian Foote Memorial Rodeo, a Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association event, in New Town and worked with NDSU Extension to organize the Fort Berthold Horse Fun Day and MHA Nation Youth Rodeo. Blaine also is quality control coordinator at 4 Bears Casino in New Town.

• Foster —Roger and Nurgul Gussiaas, Carrington. Roger raised hard red spring wheat, barley, corn, soybeans and flax using minimum-tillage farming methods until retiring in 2015. Since then, he has concentrated on his specialty oilseed processing business, Healthy Oilseed LLC., which processes contracted flax, hemp and borage, mostly for export. He farmed for 35 years,

• Golden Valley -- Donnie and Trisha Feiring, Beach. The Feirings have raised registered Angus cattle and poultry near Beach for 19 years. They use rotational, high-intensity and bale grazing as part of their grass-fed beef program. They received the Environmental Stewardship Award for North Dakota in 2016. Both are 4-H livestock judging coaches. Trisha is a district conservationist for the Natural Resources Conservation Service.

• Grant — Dick and Jessica Woodbury, Carson. The couple has had a 150-head commercial cow-calf and 85-head commercial sheep operation near Carson since 2010. They also encourage young 4-H members to show lambs at the Grant County Fair and allow youth to house sheep at their farm if necessary. Dick also is the county weed officer. Jessica is a paraprofessional for the Roosevelt Public School District in Carson.

• Hettinger -- Marvin and Bernadine Jorstad, Regent. The Jorstads raise hard red spring wheat, canola, barley, corn, sunflowers, pinto and garbanzo beans using minimum-tillage farming practices on a third-generation farm near Regent. They also have a cow-calf operation. They have been farming for 43 years. Marvin also serves as a township officer.

• Kidder -- Roger and Jan Koester, Steele. They raise oats, barley and wheat, as well as alfalfa, soybeans and corn with their son, using no-till and minimum-tillage farming practices near Steele. They also have a commercial herd of Angus cattle. They have farmed for 54 years and both volunteer in many capacities in their community.

• LaMoure -- Don and Eileen Geske, Verona. The Geskes raised corn, soybeans, wheat, flax, barley and oats near Verona using conventional-tillage farming methods until retiring recently. They continue to take advantage of Extension programming that keeps them in touch with agriculture. Eileen was a music teacher.

• Logan -- Richard and Sonya Gross, Napoleon. They raise wheat, corn, soybeans, field peas and oats using no-till farming practices and cover crops. They also have a beef cow-calf operation and practice intense rotational grazing. They have been farming for 32 years. Richard also is a Napoleon Fire Department Board director, township superintendent and Napoleon Economic Development Board director. Sonya is a typesetter for the Napoleon Homestead, Mary Kay consultant, director of the Logan County Farm Bureau and township clerk/treasurer.

• McHenry -- John and Mary Odland, Velva. The Odlands raise wheat, soybeans, canola and flax using mostly minimum-tillage farming practices on a third-generation farm. They have been farming for 29 years. John is vice president of the McHenry County Crop Improvement Association and clerk-treasurer for Hendrickson Township.

• McIntosh -- Lloyd and Lila Raile, Wishek. They raise wheat, corn, sunflowers and soybeans on a fourth-generation farm. They use no-till and conservation-tillage farming practices and plant a diverse mix of crops to help reduce disease and weed resistance. They have been farming for 42 years. Lloyd also operates Raile Repair, an auto repair business, and Lila owns the Raile Insurance Agency.

• McKenzie -- Kent and Anita Pedersen, Arnegard. The Pedersens raise a variety of crops, including hard red spring wheat, durum, corn, lentils and peas. They use no-till farming practices, crop rotation and cover crops to reduce the amount of fertilizer they need and the disease pressure on the crops. They have been farming for 20 years. They also have a cow-calf operation. Kent also is co-owner and president of ANOVA Family Health Center, chairman of the McKenzie County Soil Conservation District board and chairman of the church council. Anita is a doctor of nursing practice and co-owner and vice president of the ANOVA Family Health Center.

• McLean -- Steven and Katie Heger, Underwood. The Hegers raise corn, soybeans and wheat near Underwood using crop rotation, precision farming and minimum-tillage farming practices. They also raise Boer goats, bottle calves and chickens for 4-H projects. Their children, who help on the farm, are the third generation of farmers in their family. The couple has farmed for 19 years. Steven is an Underwood Zoning Board member and also speaks to agriculture classes at Bismarck State College and serves as the precision agriculture mentor to the students. Katie is a kindergarten teacher and an adjunct professor at BSC.

• Mercer -- Jonathan and Michelle Schlender, Zap. The Schlenders have an Angus-Hereford cow-calf operation and raise spring wheat and corn. They have been farming for more than 25 years, and use minimum-tillage and rotational grazing practices, and artificial insemination on the cattle. Jonathan also sells seed for Stine Seed Co.

• Morton -- Archie and Anne Marie Wanner, Hebron. The Wanners own River Camp Ranch, where they raise corn, malting barley, wheat, sunflowers, alfalfa and grass hay using minimum-tillage and no-till farming practices. They also have 450 head of Angus cattle. They have been farming for 40 years. Archie also is a member of the Hebron Fire Department Board. Anne Marie previously worked as a medical technologist.

• Mountrail -- Barb and Alan DeTienne, Parshall. They raise commercial Red Angus cattle, spring wheat, flax, peas, soybeans, barley for hay, cover crops and alfalfa using no-tillage farming practices and rotational grazing on land near Parshall that Alan’s grandfather homesteaded. They have been farming for 24 years and received the Distinguished Service Award for Mountrail County and 4-H Distinguished Leader Award.

• Oliver -- Darrell and Karla Schulte, Center. They raise small grains, corn, sunflowers, alfalfa and flax using no-tillage farming practices. They also have a cow-calf operation. They have been farming for more than 50 years. Darrell, who also worked in construction for 15 years, is a founder of the county’s Marketing Club. Karla has worked at Minnkota Power for 42 years.

• Renville -- Pat and Diane Murphy, Minot. They raise spring wheat, durum, peas, flax, canola, soybeans, barley and sunflowers using mostly minimum-tillage and some conventional-till farming practices near Minot. They have been farming for 37 years. Diane was a bank teller and day care provider

• Sheridan -- Kevin and Julie Bender, Goodrich. The Benders raise wheat, barley, canola, corn and sunflowers using crop rotation and minimum-tillage farming practices. They also have a cow-calf operation with registered polled Herefords. They have been farming for 33 years. Kevin also is a member of the Goodrich Volunteer Fire Department and a Sheridan County soil conservation supervisor. Julie is an elementary teacher at Goodrich Public School.

• Sioux -- Jamie Heid, Selfridge.

• Slope -- Glenn and LaVonne Wegner, Bowman. The Wegners raise small grains, oilseeds and forage crops using minimum-tillage practices. They also have an Angus herd. They have been farming for 33 years. Glenn also is chairman of the township board. LaVonne works for the Bowman/Slope Farm Service Agency and is a 4-H volunteer and the township clerk-treasurer.

• Stark -- Ambrose and Charlotte Hoff, Richardton. The Hoffs raise spring wheat, flax, corn, garbanzo beans and other specialty crops. They use crop rotation with an emphasis on sustainable practices that build soil health and reduce the need for artificial inputs. They previously had cow-calf and hog operations. They built a steel manufacturing facility in the late 1970s near Richardton, developed the Hoff Bale Carrier and purchased a Vermeer equipment dealership. That business evolved into Stone Mill, an organic food flax processing facility. In 2001, they and family members started Amber Waves, which builds steel hopper bottom grain bins for the agricultural and oil industries. Ambrose also was involved in the development of the Red Trail Energy ethanol plant and was inducted into the North Dakota Agriculture Hall of Fame in 2016. Charlotte is the chief financial officer at Stone Mill.

• Stutsman -- Ryan and Whitney Huebner, Jamestown. The Huebners raise corn, soybeans, wheat, barley, field peas and cover crops using minimum-tillage practices. They also have a cow-calf operation. They have been farming for nine years. Ryan also is a township supervisor and a director of the Jamestown Rural Fire Department Board. Whitney is a house cleaner and secretary for Still Waters Prairie Retreat.

• Ward -- Robert and Valerie Bahm, Minot. The Bahms raise wheat, flax, soybeans, hay and alfalfa using no-till and minimum-tillage farming practices. They also background yearling cattle using grazing rotation, and raise and show cutting horses. In addition, they established Ag Soil Science Inc., a soil testing laboratory and crop consulting company, in 1982. Valerie is also a bookkeeper and office manager.

• Wells -- Sam and Amy Ongstad, Harvey. They raise hard red spring wheat, soybeans, pinto beans and corn using no-till, and reduced- and conventional-tillage farming practices. They received the North Dakota Crop Improvement Association Premier Seed Grower Award in 2015. Sam is a Fram Township supervisor and a member of the Harvey Airport Authority. Amy is a homeschool teacher.

• Williams -- Dennis and Mavis Johnsrud, Epping. The Johnsruds raise peas, safflower, alfalfa, lentils, canola, winter wheat and durum on a fifth-generation farm. They have been farming for 38 years and received the Williams County Conservation Award. Dennis also is a member of the National Hard Spring Wheat Show, Williams County Weed Board, Upper Great Plains Traffic Institute Advisory Board and North Dakota Ag Rail Business Council Advisory Board. Mavis is a member of the National Hard Spring Wheat Show Bread Fair and the cemetery sexton and musician for Epping Lutheran Church.

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