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Mini and mighty: A microgreen flavor guide
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Mini and mighty: A microgreen flavor guide

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Although small in size, microgreens provide a large array of intense flavors, vivid colors and tender textures to enhance the look and flavor of a wide variety of dishes.

Because they are extremely delicate with a high water content, cooking them isn’t recommended. If you do use them in that way, think of them as an herb. Add them at the end of cooking, perhaps stirred into pasta or risotto, or simply sprinkled atop soup, appetizers and entrées.

Used raw, they make a great addition to salads, slaws, sushi, poke bowls, sandwiches and wraps. They can be incorporated into smoothies and vinaigrettes, and some varieties even do well muddled into cocktails.

When choosing a microgreen, researchers say to look for the most intensely colored ones, which will be the most nutritious. The majority of their nutrients are contained within their delicate leaves.

Curious how to incorporate these tiny green delights in your meals while adding nutrients to your diet? Read on.

Microgreen pairings guide

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