Jolyn Wasem runs not just one, but two businesses from her home in Halliday. The 42-year-old wife and mother helps raise commercial Red Angus and Simmental cows and owns and operates Ranch Hand Healing and Clear Water Services LLC, a backhoe and oilfield company.

“She encompasses all things that a country woman is,” said Mindy Backsen, who nominated Wasem for Country Woman of the Year. “She is strong enough to pull a calf but kind enough to fix 'owies' when one of her girls falls off their bike on the gravel road.”

Wasem starting ranching in 2004 with her husband, Chris. They held their first bull sale in 2012. She said one of the keys to their success has been modeling their operation after ones with longevity.

“One thing I try to tell people is we really do love our animals. As ranchers, we must be sustainable, use what we have and be efficient,” Wasem said. “It’s really exciting to see these multi-generational families and how they have been able to stay here and raise cattle and horses.”

In addition to handling the bookkeeping for the ranch, she promotes the benefits of agriculture and beef through a variety of organizations. She is the former president of the North Dakota Cattlewomen.

“She is a strong advocate for the beef industry and has a passion to educate the public on good ranching practices,” Backsen said.

“Advocating for agriculture is a passion I have – I really like to talk to people about what happens on a farm and ranch and tell them what we do. I want my kids to come back here if they want to and not let somebody outside stop they from doing that,” said Wasem.

Her other passions include home-schooling her daughters and helping clients through Core Synchronization and The Emotion Code.

“I basically help people and animals feel better through physical and emotional healing,” she said.

She credits the help of family, friends and neighbors with getting everything done at Wasem Red Angus.

Jolyn and Chris Wasem have two girls: Kacey, 13, and Braelyn, 9.

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