Heather Lang’s friends affectionately call her the "crazy pig lady," but she could also be known as the goat lady, duck lady or even the flower lady. You get the idea.

“Heather loves spending time with her animals; her pigs, chickens, ducks, cows and goats. She loves photographing them as well as the calmness and beauty of the outdoors,” wrote Angil Wanner-Kopper, who nominated Lang for Country Woman of the Year.

Lang, who was raised in Lincoln, has adored country life since she was 12 years old. That’s when she invited herself out to her aunt and uncle’s farm near Bottineau for the summer.

“My parents talked about it with my aunt and uncle and they agreed to let me go. I got to do everything (on the farm) and I loved, loved, loved it!” she said.

The next year she told her parents she was going to marry a farmer.

“I was raised a city girl, but I loved the country lifestyle, the morals that come with rural life and the calm and peacefulness and knowing you are making a difference in the world,” Lang said.

Lang actually married her high school sweetheart, Lucas Lang, who happened to be a farmer. The husband-and-wife team raise their three children (Reagan, 11, McKinnley, 10, and Jackson, 8) on their fifth-generation farm near Sterling. In addition to their small hog operation where she handles most of the vet and animal husbandry duties, they raise small grains such as flax, barley and oats.

Lang loves to share her passion about rural life with youth in the state through her work with the North Dakota Farm Bureau.

“Through the North Dakota Farm Bureau, she goes into classrooms and reaches hundreds of kids throughout the year and teaches the importance and value of agriculture,” wrote Wanner-Koper.

The 37-year-old also blogs about farm and ranch life and she was recently elected to the American Farm Bureau Promotion and Education board. When Lang isn’t working on the farm or promoting ranch life, she is running a small wedding and event decorating business called Forever Fresh.

“Horticulture is actually something I went to school for,” she said.

During Lang's free time she enjoys the outdoors with her family; boating, swimming, kayaking and hunting.

When asked how she manages her busy schedule she replied, “It’s all about being open-minded, being able to switch tasks at the drop of a hat and multi-tasking.”

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