Jesus Christ, center, portrayed by Bryan Guthmiller, raises his arms in prayer in Bethel Lutheran Church's dramatization of "The Living Last Supper" Friday night in Bismarck. The performance is a enactment of the last meal Jesus shared with his 12 disciples before his Crucifixion. Seated to the left of Guthmiller is Chris Gergen and Brett Morlok, with Vicar Justin Woodside and Mike Fagerland on the right. The drama is set with the famous Renaissance painting of The Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci. The other actors portraying the disciples are Scott Tschaekofske, Aidan Quirk, Mark Roeder, the Rev. Jonathan Walla, Kerwin Wolfgram, Mark Thompson, Doug Miller and Paul Harron. Another performance will take place Saturday tonight  at 7:30 in the church sanctuary at 615 E. Turnpike Ave.