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Use the form below to apply for Jeans Day funding. It is important that you fill out all the fields to ensure your request is quickly and properly processed.

You can also download a copy of the application form if you prefer to send your request via mail.

Please read the brief Jeans Day Policy page to make sure your organization or agency qualifies for Jeans Day support.

If you have any questions about this application form, contact Morgan Doll at (701) 355-8827, or e-mail him at

Important - before you begin:

Please note that we are not allowed, by law, to solicit funds for any organization that does not have a license to solicit funds. Please check your records or check with the North Dakota Secretary of State's office to determine if you have a license to solicit funds or to find out how to apply for such a license. A valid license number is required with this form before we can process your request.

General Information
(For example, what percentage are federal or state funds, United Way dollars, donations or fund-raising events)
(Please break this down by salaries, rent, services, etc.)
Bismarck Tribune Jeans Day Policy

An agency receiving Jeans Day funds must:

....have a written statement of its purpose and functions.

....have a constitution and/or set of adopted by-laws which clearly define the agency's objectives, organization, and the duties, authority and responsibilities of its governing body. incorporated as a not-for-profit agency which may legally conduct business in the State of North Dakota. This also includes having a charitable solicitation license in the state of North Dakota.

...comply with and enforce all state and federal rules, regulations and laws against discrimination.

....have an unpaid board of directors that holds regular meetings and has clear lines of authority. audited by an independent certified accountant.

....exhibit a broad base of community support through its membership and voluntary contributions.

...not have a license to conduct gaming.

....have been in operation for at least one year.

.....maintain records in accordance with the current standards of accounting and financial reporting for voluntary health and welfare organizations.

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