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Tribune editorial: Pandemic prompts more state park use

This is Up and Down, where we give a brief thumbs up or thumbs down on the issues from the past week. Read more

Letter: Mystery of losing when you're ahead

I went to a horse race the other day. The horse ahead at the half way point lost. How is this possible? I then went down to the beach and w… Read more

Letter: Teachers should be priority for vaccine

Much is being discussed about what our priorities should be when the vaccines for the coronavirus becomes available. Health care workers wh… Read more

Letter: More work needed on behavioral health

North Dakota is in the midst of dealing with two public health crises, the recent and pervasive COVID-19 pandemic and the ongoing behaviora… Read more

Tribune editorial: Who’s first to get vaccine a tough call

North Dakota faces some tough decisions, possibly beginning next month, on who gets vaccinated first for COVID-19. The state has created a … Read more

Letter: Fear for the future with coronavirus

I remember it clearly. It was mid-March. I was buying a birthday lunch for a friend at the Ground Round. We got on the subject of the new v… Read more


Gary Adkisson: More civics education needed

After winning Alabama’s recent election for a U.S. Senate seat, former Auburn University football coach Tommy Tuberville displayed a distur… Read more


David Adler: A case for ‘malice toward none with charity for all’

Abraham Lincoln’s words and wisdom, from Springfield and New York to Gettysburg and Washington, serve to remind Americans today of the mann… Read more


Speaking out: Support local artists during holiday season

It does not seem like it should be time for holiday shopping, but here we are. Even though holidays look different this year due to COVID-1… Read more

Star Parker: I'm optimistic about America

I'm a conservative, and I guess I should be writing a column about my great distress resulting from this election. But I'm not going to wri… Read more


Lloyd Omdahl: A COVID-19 message for the clergy

The COVID-19 virus is sweeping through North Dakota like an 1880 prairie fire, disabling thousands and killing hundreds. Read more

David Brooks: Nine nonobvious ways to have deeper conversations

After all we’ve been through this year, wouldn’t it be nice, even during a distanced holiday season, to be able to talk about this whole ex… Read more


David Adler: Constitution assures election intrigue will end

The 2020 presidential election, prolonged by President Donald Trump’s court challenges and demands for recounts in some states will come to… Read more


Gary Adkisson: Finding peace in disappointment

A phrase commonly used for a number of years is win-win. We propose an idea or solution to a client and in an attempt to close the deal we … Read more


Some opposition brews to North Dakota Legislature mask mandate

JACK DURA Bismarck Tribune

A memo sent to state lawmakers outlines what authority and enforcement exist for a proposed mask rule in the Legislature. Read more