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Tribune editorial: Deal needed to end long fight over pipeline

The legal battle over the Dakota Access Pipeline shows no signs of a resolution. In fact, the court filings keep increasing in volume and c… Read more

Letter: Let's give credit to true mothers

I was reading a flyer on a bulletin board the other day, and as I stood there reading it I became quite perplexed. I read it over several t… Read more

Letter: Buffalo is fine, but where’s the beef?

North Dakota doesn’t have many famous landmarks but there is one animal that we are known for, American Bison, often called buffalo. All ac… Read more

Letter: Speak out against horror of abortion

Making that choice to donate one’s body and organs to science is a good thing, and an honorable choice to make. Read more

Eminently quotable: 'I think we're going to come out with a really good product'

“You try to do something fun...” Read more

Letter: Letter writers off the mark

“Wow” is all I can say to Saturday's letters to the editor. Read more


10 insights on today's news that will make you smarter tomorrow

Stay in the know! Browse through opinions and analysis on today's hottest topics. Read more


Star Parker: Biden's era of big government

When I began my work 25 years ago, my vision for fixing our poor, broken communities was driven by my belief in America and what made it su… Read more

David Brooks: Our pathetic herd immunity failure

Could today’s version of America have been able to win World War II? It hardly seems possible. Read more


Gary Adkisson: Outstanding students and nurses take center stage

Within the space of one week we host two fantastic events: Teen of the Year and our Celebration of Nurses. Read more


Speaking out: Republican voters play key role in protecting initiated measure process

Anyone who follows North Dakota politics knows there are two distinct caucuses of NDGOP legislators (and with mounting tensions between the… Read more


Richard Kyte: We can learn a lot from working with our hands

Opinion: If there is one thing you learn from working in the world of things — whether it is farming, manufacturing or construction — it is that intentions are very different from results. Read more


The Ethical Life podcast: How will today's society be judged in 50 years?

Episode 13: Also discussed is the role luck plays in our lives, and why some people rely more on superstitions and the supernatural instead of logic and science. Read more

Jonah Goldberg: Biden's spending spree isn't a new New Deal

We don't know what the Biden years will ultimately look like, but one thing is pretty obvious, at least to me: It won't be a new New Deal, … Read more


Censures of North Dakota Republican lawmakers follow Luke Simons' expulsion

JACK DURA and SAM NELSON Bismarck Tribune

Several GOP lawmakers have been censured by their districts after voting to expel former Rep. Luke Simons. Read more