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‘Teachers are the ones on the front lines’

"I fully anticipate that starting with April, we'll get back to setting records." Read more

We make decisions whether to share

God gets blamed for a lot. Perhaps God is guilty, but maybe instead it is us. In the United States we spend $72 billion on pet food. That i… Read more

Bismarck police strive for improved communication with public

This is Up and Down, where we give a brief thumbs up and thumbs down on the issues from the past week. Read more

Trump needs to be ready to aid ag producers

Spring has been a time of anxiety for farmers and ranchers as they wait to get into the fields. This year work has been slowed by the cold … Read more

Tell senators to back Equality Act

According to Public Religion Research Institute, as of 2018, 72 percent of North Dakotans favored laws that would protect gay, lesbian, bis… Read more

UND in need of president with N.D. ties

The chancellor and State Board of Higher Education are expected to name an interim president for the University of North Dakota soon. The c… Read more


10 insights on today's news that will make you smarter tomorrow

Stay in the know! Browse through opinions and analysis on today's hottest topics. Read more

Extremes dominate abortion debate

"Democrats are aggressively pushing late-term abortion, allowing children to be ripped from their mother's womb right up until the moment o… Read more

Weavers are today's game changers

For the better part of a year columnist David Brooks has been traveling the country in search of weavers, people who are busy reconstructin… Read more

National park repairs long overdue

As the summer dawns, planting season begins and newborn calves litter our fields, many of us are planning our yearly trip to Medora. One of… Read more

Dem-NPL legislators address K-12 challenges

In schools across the state, the final bell for this school year is ringing. As a former teacher, a mom, a legislator and a North Dakotan s… Read more

Winnowing at work among Democrats

WASHINGTON -- "We're cutting out some of this ear hair that you get when you get older," said the 46-year-old manchild who is auditioning t… Read more

Throwing maximum pressure at Iran

Sometimes it’s important to write a column about something you’re pretty sure isn’t going to happen. In this case, that thing is war with I… Read more

Tips for a safe driving experience in N.D.

Summer will be here soon and when the temperatures rise outside, so do the number of travelers on our state’s roadways. The North Dakota De… Read more

Bismarck clinic closes, forced to repay $22K to patients seeking medical marijuana cards

BLAIR EMERSON Bismarck Tribune

A man with terminal lung and bone cancer was denied a medical marijuana card due to an error in his… Read more



Security solutions to keep your Bismarck family and home safe this spring

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