Elsabe Hausauer is originally from South Africa, but she calls Halliday home today. The equine behaviorist was working in North Dakota in 2007 when a local Halliday rancher stole her heart and the rest, as she says, is history. The couple has three young children, cattle, horses and a small grain farm on their ranch called The Muddy Boot Ranch & Performance Horses.

Hausauer handles the day-to-day operation of their home, ranch and business as her husband, Jorden, works full time at the Coteau Properties’ coal mine.

“She not only has three beautiful children with her husband, but she also has her own equine business, and helps farm and ranch. She has a genuine passion for the land and her part in all that it takes to be a farmer and rancher in North Dakota,” said Kelli Connolly, who nominated Hausauer for Country Woman of the Year.

Hausauer has been riding horses from a young age and grew up showing Arabian horses in many different disciplines. She even helped train race horses in England. On the ranch she does everything on horseback from checking the cows and bulls to tagging calves and checking fences.

Currently she is working on her Professional Horse Trainer and Professional Riding Instructor certification. She offers private lessons and basic horsemanship clinics; teaching her student to better connect with their horses.

“I teach my students how to communicate with horses in a way that the horse understands,” she said. “I believe in fostering the connection between horse and rider. My training is about relationships. It’s also faith-based,” she said.

Despite her hectic schedule, Hausauer seeks to maintain a healthy balance between work and family.

“I believe it’s important to work hard on the ranch but also believe in balance and allowing your kids to have a childhood participating in sports with other kids,” she said.

Jorden and Elsabe have three children: Kenzley, 8, Colten, 5, and Carmia, 2. They ranch on a dead-end road near Halliday with no cellular service. You can often find their children with her in the tractor, riding horse, swimming in a creek or stock dam and catching frogs.

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