Expansion public works -- 2016

Mandan Public Works will see additions and improvements in 2020.

The city will be making additions and improvements to the public works facility expected to be completed in 2020. 

The current facility lacks office space, equipment storage for utility and street departments, mechanic space to properly maintain the fleet, and the salt and sand pile must be covered to comply with stormwater regulations.

Plans brought to commissioners in early 2018 were terminated due to deficiencies. In September, the city commission reviewed and approved change orders to the contract. The scope of the project now includes:

  • Adding an emergency generator;
  • Installing proper ventilation and a fire sprinkler system;
  • Painting the exterior of the current blue building;
  • New interior and exterior lighting;
  • Adding a new administrative office area with lockers, a break room, small conference room and a training room;
  • Heated equipment storage area to preserve the life of machinery;
  • Remodeling the utility building on the east side of the property to include a wash bay and minimal heated storage;
  • Constructing a covered salt and sand storage structure; and
  • A wash-out area for street sweepers.

A new parking area is also planned. The city will special assess the $1.2 million parking lot improvements to itself. The majority of the site will be hard-surfaced with a small area for the material storage stock pile left unpaved.

“The public works facility is the nerve center of the water and sewer system,” says Public Works Director Mitch Bitz. “Bringing this kind of sustainability to the area will be beneficial to the city.” He added that having a conference room will allow for training and a space to host public input meetings.

The new project total is approximately $5.7 million. In September, the city commission approved amending the public works expansion budget by using the $3 million in Hub City funds set aside for this project and transferring $1.5 million from the sales tax fund.

City staff is helping with the project, doing exterior demolition, material hauling and more to reduce costs. 

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