Here we are once again wondering where we’re going and as both my loyal readers know we won’t know where that is until we get there. So here goes.

Winter seems to be trying to nudge fall out of the way and those of us still out in the wilds of Tschida aren’t happy about it. The problem is the weather doesn’t seem to care about our desires but as you know that’s never stopped us locals from complaining about it. So much for the weather ... onto other things.

As you can imagine most folks along Fisherman’s Way are in the process of unsummering their cabins. To accomplish this task a cabin owner has two choices:

  • Choice A: shut off the water, put anti-freeze in the goosenecks, turn off the power, lock her up, and abandon the place until Memorial Day.
  • Choice B: put the summer stuff away and drag out the winter gear, like long pants, hoodies, stocking hats and gloves. For those of you who ain’t from here our wardrobes significantly differ based on the season because all the bad things you hear about our winters are true; you really can freeze your you know what off.

So we’ve been wearing our hoodies for the last couple weeks but much to our local meteorological prognosticators chagrin, we’ve also had to keep our rain jackets handy. A week ago we got 5 inches of rain and it sure hasn’t slowed up much since then. Since it’s still raining we haven’t much else to talk about other than how the rain interferes with normal fall activities, like fishing.

For the record, my guide from the "Get a Guide Agency" has not been able to guide me to the hot spots because the weather hasn’t held up long enough, and therefore it has limited our time out. We did however have a quite a tussle with a 12-pound catfish that left us smiling.

Another part of choice B is sealing the place up for the winter. We have electric heat and some of it turns on automatically while the rest you gotta mess with, then there’s propane for the garage, and since we can still open the windows this time of year, it is a good time to pump some flame into the potbelly stove to make sure that the smoke still goes up and out rather than down and in.

One of the final tasks of choice B is to pull our pontoon out of the water. For some odd reason we pride ourselves in being the last one to pull their pontoon out of the bay. On any given summer day there are 11 pontoons along with jet skis, fishing boats, a ski boat and as of today there are only two left; everyone else has pulled and stored their stuff for winter so our pontoon looks rather lonely. So how come you do that you might wonder? Glad you asked. There could be a few days left where we could get in a cruise, but then again the lake could ice up next wee. But like everything else it depends on the weather.

Evidently a few paragraphs back I misinformed you when I said "so much for the weather." By now you should have noted I just couldn’t stop. Here’s hoping that you can handle whatever weather you’re under. 

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Dan Ulmer is a parent, grandparent, as well as a retired teacher, counselor, politician, lobbyist, public employee, nonprofit executive and opinionated citizen who believes that we need to do what we can to leave the world better off than we found it.