Ulmer: Lake life; things could be worse

Ulmer: Lake life; things could be worse


So not knowing much about life where you all are, I can talk about how life is around the wilds of Lake Tschida. Except for Skip’s gout and the moment he decided to jump off his 4-wheeler while it was in gear and running then having to watch it take out his garden fence on its way to the lake and Steve’s broken ankle, and other usual maladies, its been a quiet week around here.

Of course we do get the news out here and it seems like pretty much everything has been canceled, so its been interesting to listen to the plans that Jim and Lynn have for the summer. They sold their cabin out here and moved to Scottsdale, Ariz., last winter. They stopped by last week to say hello and from there they were headed to Minneapolis, Minn., then Brainerd, Minn., then back to Minneapolis, over to Wisconsin, then they weren’t sure where they’d spend the rest of the summer.

We listened to their itinerary and I couldn’t help but do the math and had to ask them if they realized that by the time they completed their present plans summer would be over.

So I turned to my neighbor, Dennis, and asked him where he was planning to spend his summer and he responded with, "right here with you." It seems that most of our travels occur between here and Glen Ullin or Elgin, and only traveling to the big cities when under severe duress.

We see each other quite often, and as such the likelihood of us passing COVID around is limited to those folks with higher exposure experience. We have been a bit leery about those who come to spend the weekend and such but we do wash our hands and hope that our nightly cocktails will either stave off the virus or make us feel better about getting it, such is life at the lake.

Lately we’ve been blessed with a modicum of rain, and a couple loud thunderstorms -- one thunder clap dang near blew me out of bed. Summer has entered full swing and weekend lake life can become somewhat chaotic. Presently our bay is filled with boats, unlike most years all of our watercraft is dry docked, we are still waiting for our new pontoon seats that we ordered in April when we were told it would only be a couple weeks for delivery. Renee called and inquired about the delay in delivery and was told it would be another six to eight weeks.

Both my loyal readers may recall that in anticipation of getting new seats we managed to haul the old seats to the dump, so Renee pressed agent Ramon on the issue. He spent a couple hours locating other options and came up with a solution he said he could deliver in two weeks. So we’re hoping that we may get the pontoon in the water by July 4. If not, I’m just gonna put the thing in with lawn chairs and an umbrella - it’s not how you look going from A to B - it’s getting there that counts.

Thus my life at the lake has not involved spending much time on the lake. The upside is that at this point the gas mileage on our pontoon has never been better and shore fishing in the bay has been pretty good. The downside is that our watercraft can be quite useful when they are in the water instead of dry-docked around our garage.

But as previously mentioned, things could be worse; my ankle isn’t broke, I don’t have the gout, and most of my maladies seem to be manageable.

Here’s hoping the same goes for you.

Dan Ulmer is a parent, grandparent, as well as a retired teacher, counselor, politician, lobbyist, public employee, nonprofit executive and opinionated citizen who believes that we need to do what we can to leave the world better off than we found it.


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