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Ulmer: Easter reminds us life is in a constant state of resurrection

Ulmer: Easter reminds us life is in a constant state of resurrection

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So here we are once again, off to wherever we end up. In case you’re wondering why I say we it’s because you’re reading this while I’m typing this and that makes you and me we.

Glad you’re still with me here because both my loyal readers have been known to head onto other things shortly after the first sentence. Little do they know that it doesn’t matter how far they get I still get the $10.

Anyway for those of you checking the calendar April has been underway for a couple days now and Easter Sunday is two days away. Of course if you’re not reading this on Good Friday or after Easter you’re here and I’m most likely somewhere else, but I digress.

Easter is my favorite time of the year because it reminds me that life is in a constant state of resurrection.

According to Wikipedia resurrection, which is easier to say than anastasis (the original term), "is the concept of coming back to life after death." In a number of religions a dying and rising God is a deity that dies and resurrects. The resurrection of the dead is a standard eschatological belief in the resurrection of individual souls that is current and ongoing or else a belief in a singular resurrection at the end of the world.” For the record I prefer the current and ongoing resurrections over the end of the world option.

Maybe one of the reasons we like living here is our seasons constantly remind us that life is indeed a circle. We are presently in the midst of watching our beloved prairie take us from the death grip of winter into the rebirth of spring that eventually slips into warm summers, crisp falls, and back into frigid winters that yield to the ever resurrecting sprouts of spring.

Mother Earth is in a constant state of resurrection as all life passes and goes through the cycles of being born, living, dying and starting over somewhere somehow. Think of the caterpillar morphing into a butterfly; perhaps we too morph into some other form of life.

Like the caterpillar waiting to morph this year spring seems to be filled with hope that we can come out of our COVID isolated world and once again participate in whatever normal activities we used to partake.

Experts are still telling us to wear masks, even after being vaccinated, and keep our distance and from what I can tell most folks are ignoring the experts warning.

A few weeks ago masks outnumbered the maskless. Not so today as my count indicates that masks have become passe. Maybe the mask less know something that I don’t.

Maybe they’ve just given up on COVID; maybe they still think that COVID is some sort of off the rails conspiracy that confirms their paranoia that the government just wants to take away our right to be stupid. Maybe they just don’t care anymore so all we can do is hope that they’re right and the experts are wrong while praying that the light we presently see at the end of the tunnel isn’t a train.

Maybe, like me, they feel assured that resurrection exists so why worry about such things as how their behavior affects others? The answer seems to lie in the instructions that go along with getting through the pearly gates; as you treat others so you treat me, i.e. we will be measured not by what we did for ourselves rather by how we treated those around us.

So that’s why I still wear a mask. The facts are that we are not out of the COVID woods yet and those who think we are seem to be willing to keep the pandemic going. Patience is a virtue and now would be a good time to exercise it. See ya on the other side of this year’s resurrection. 

Dan Ulmer is a parent, grandparent, as well as a retired teacher, counselor, politician, lobbyist, public employee, nonprofit executive and opinionated citizen who believes that we need to do what we can to leave the world better off than we found it.


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