Different things make a person feel safe. For some it may be a concealed gun, no guns or others want to parade around with their AR 15 as they hunt for vegetables at a local farmers’ market.

Representative Becker is on a campaign to have guns everywhere.

He was upset because he thought the “Rally Thou Shall Not Be Infringed” on the state Capitol grounds this past Sunday should allow any person with any gun.

Walmart and other corporations are telling people to leave their guns at home.

Do you want to sit on the Capitol lawn and watch the 4th of July fireworks while someone next to your child, your grandchild, or yourself inadvertently lays their gun on the ground like someone at this “thou shall not rally” did with the United States Flag?

Representative Becker does not want to be called unreasonable. Is it reasonable to demand a majority of ND citizens have to accept extreme gun culture where anywhere you go someone is allowed to strap on their semi-automatic AR 15 or hand gun especially on the Capitol grounds where families and all types of different events and public gatherings are held?

The mantra we hear from gun extremists it is not about the gun. Hmm, if it is not about the gun why the need to be upset when a policy at a public gathering says not just anyone can parade around with an AR 15 over their shoulder, a gun on the hip and a gun who knows where else?

Did the president allow guns by anyone at his inauguration? The North Dakota Capitol facility does not need to change their policy to cater to this small group of people when the majority think the policy is reasonable.

Susan Beehler, Mandan

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