25 Years Ago-1994

The Mandan Golden Age Club has re-elected James Coats to the office of president. Other officers include Donald Shaw, vice president; Marguerite Maddock, treasurer; Veronica Engelter, secretary; and members at Large, Lola Gendle, Fred Morman and Herb Simons. The club boasts a 950 membership.

Johanna Greeman, of Mandan, celebrated a very special birthday this past week -- her 104th. Johanna Klein was born and raised 16 miles southeast of Mandan, the sixth of 15 children born to George and Anna Klein. She married Henry Schmidt in 1910, and farmed south of St. Anthony. Together they had four children: Clara, Edward, Robert and Ruth. After Henry’s death in 1918, she married Matt Greeman in 1943. Longevity runs in her family, but her secret for a long life is her quick wit and sense of humor. Her daughters, Clara Schmidt and Ruth Krebsbach, have planned a birthday gathering for her many friends and relatives.

Funerals this week:

Adam Bullinger, 80, Mandan; survivors include wife, Lucina, three sons, one daughter and their families, six sisters.

Nina (Hutchinson) Sorge, 85, New Salem; survived by three sons, two daughters and their families, two sisters.

Eva (Thomas) Vogel, 88, Bismarck; born at Odense. Survived by two sons, one daughter and their families.

Arlene (Hillius) Borchert, 59, Mandan; survived by husband, James, two sons, two daughters, two stepsons and their families, one brother, four sisters and her mother, Eva Hillius, Elgin.

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Temperatures Tuesday, April 26: a high of 41 degrees; 26 degrees for the low.

50 Years Ago-1969

The Mandan Masonic Lodge No. 8 has held its election of officers. Armun D. Jones is the new worshipful master. Other officers are P. Michael Riisager, senior warden; Harold L. Little, junior warden; E.G. Laub, secretary; and John C. Gould, treasurer. Elected to the board of trustees were Jan Dykshoorn and Morton Johnson.

Pamela Metz and Neil Toman have been named the valedictorian and salutatorian, respectively, of the 1969 graduating class of Flasher High School. Three other honor students named were Lois Ellsworth, Cynthia Wenger and George Kovar. Commencement is Thursday, May 29, at the school gymnasium.

Hundreds of people gathered at the Mandan Elks ballroom last weekend to attend the annual hospital dinner-dance, sponsored by members of the Mandan Hospital Volunteers. This year’s theme was “South Seas,” with dance music provided by the Frontiersmen of Mandan. The proceeds will be used to purchase a new centralized dictation system for the Mandan Hospital.

Installed at the regular Thursday evening meeting at the Mandan Elks were Gordon Dietrich as exalted ruler; Pat Schleicher as leading knight; Robert E. Schulte as loyal knight; Martin Gronvold, secretary; and H.G. Vander Vorst, treasurer. Past exalted rulers in charge of the installation were Joe Halm, Clarence West, A.T. Livdahl, Ervin Haseltine, Hoot Hart, John Porter, Anton Brazda and Wm. Bauknecht.

75 Years Ago-1944

The state selective service headquarters has notified local draft boards to stop forwarding for induction all men who have reached their 30th birthday until an appraisal of the manpower situation has been made. However, volunteers may be forwarded for induction as usual.

Newly-elected officers of the Mandan Lodge No. 1256, B.P.O. Elks, have been installed for the coming year. Heading the new slate of officers are Ed Stein, exalted ruler; Joseph Gauer, esteemed leading knight; A.W. Olson, esteemed loyal knight; M.M. Gronvold, esteemed lecturing knight; J.J. Murray, secretary; and Wm. Bauknecht, treasurer.

Armed forces news:

“Pvt. Leo J. Schweigert, son of Mr. and Mrs. Martin Schweigert, has been assigned to the station hospital of the air service command at Tinker Field, Okla. Prior to entering the service, he was with the Mandan Dental Lab.

“Sgt. Gus Fristad, who has been visiting here with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. William Fristad, left today for Hamilton, N.Y. He was accompanied by Mrs. Fristad, who is making her home in Red Lake Falls, Minn., for the duration.

“Lt. Richard Gallagher, U.S. Navy, is home on leave. This is his first visit to Mandan since before Pearl Harbor. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. R.F. Gallagher, Mandan.

“Mrs. Jack Mormann this week received a letter from her brother-in-law, Pfc. Stephen Mormann, stationed overseas. This is the first that relatives have heard from him in five months. He writes: ‘Received your letter when I arrived over here in New Guinea, and it is sure is great to get some news from home. We are camped in the jungles, and it is a weird place to stay. There’s plenty of coconuts and bananas on this island, but there’s no beer nor any kind of strong drinks. I’ve heard that we’ll have movies soon after we’re better organized.’”

100 Years Ago-1919

“The most ideal Easter Sunday in many years was the verdict of the people of Mandan this week. The air was balmy, and the sun shone brightly all day. It was a day that you dream of and that spring poets rave over.

“The annual installation of officers occurred last evening during a meeting of the local lodge of the Elks. The new officers are H.K. Henke, exalted ruler; I.C. Iverson, leading knight; M.J. Tobin, loyal knight; H.K. Jensen, lecturing knight; G.I. Solum, secretary; and J.H. Noakes, treasurer.

“American troops, numbering 275,000, are expected to return to the United States from Europe during April.

“Chief of Police Reynolds is smoking a German pipe today which formerly belonged to a German captain who was found dead at a table in a dugout after a successful drive had been made ‘over the top.’ The pipe is a gift from his son-in-law, who recently returned from Europe.

“The Red Cross is now using room No. 3 in the post office building as their work room and will be open every Tuesday afternoon. The group will start on refugee knitting. Those wishing to assist are asked to call at the work room for yarn, but with the understanding that the article must be finished and turned in within two months.

“Under the direction of the U.S. Food Administration, there are being displayed in all public places, posters warning people to save food. The American people are asked to save 20 million tons of food during the next two years, so that we may do our share in relieving starving conditions in Europe.”

125 Years Ago-1894

“On Thursday, April 26, at 2:30 p.m., the thermometer recorded 68 degrees above zero.

“Arbor Day next Friday.

“The grass in the park is getting nice and green.

“Fresh smoked salmon, 14 cents a pound at Michael Lang’s store.

“It is said by the yard men that over 50 tramps passed the night in the railroad yards on Tuesday.

“A monument to the memory of Mr. E. Hope is soon to be erected in Greenwood Cemetery, and his grave is to be surrounded with a suitable iron fence.

“STRAYED: On the 22nd of April from the city of Mandan, a dark brown mare, branded on left shoulder, weighing about 850 pounds. When last seen, she was heading north. A suitable reward will be given for her return. See Albert Larson, Mandan.

“Dr. King has 85 robust chickens, the first batch from his incubator, and has in about 200 eggs which he expects to hatch during the coming week. He says he hopes, ere long, to supply this city with nice tender broilers from what he calls the Mandan chicken factory.

“Mollie Gunderson received this week, a parcel of 1,000 stamps from Miss Lucie Bernhard, Washington, D.C., sister of Mrs. J.S. Green. Belle Bostwick of Bismarck, 8 years old, was also a contributor of 3,000 canceled stamps yesterday. And a large parcel of stamps is expected to arrive from Germany within a few weeks. Mollie is inching closer to the goal of 1 million stamps for a new pair of limbs to replace her amputated ones.”

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Diane Boit was raised and educated in the Red River Valley before coming to Mandan with her family in 1970. She has been involved with the Bismarck-Mandan newspapers for more than 30 years. She can be reached at dboit46@gmail.com.