25 Years Ago – 1994

Mandan High School teacher Vern Davis is being recognized for excellence in science teaching and will receive the Distinguished Presidential Award for his efforts. Davis, along with 215 other teachers nationwide, will be officially recognized and congratulated in March 1995 at Washington, D.C. Along with the presidential citation comes $7,500 in grant money from the National Science Foundation which Davis plans to use to update the science program at Mandan High School. Davies has been teaching for 35 years and had thought about retiring this year.

The Mandan Braves girls basketball team has extended their winning streak to 18 games and closed out a second straight unbeaten Western Dakota Association season. Their 18th win was a decisive victory, 67-46, at Bismarck High. Sophomore Jaye Amundson, daughter of Coach Greg Amundson, made 25 points, 12 rebounds, and 11 free throws, which were all career highs. With 10 players scoring, Mandan had only two double figure scorers -- the other being Jolene Gartner who tallied 10 points and added a dozen rebounds for the Braves.

Tocker Pudwill, 23, has retained his junior middleweight title and upped his record to 25-1 in a unanimous decision over fellow Mandan boxer Mike Serr, whose record now stands at 12-15. The eight-round main event proved pleasing for a raucous crowd estimated at 700 at the Mandan Community Center.

Temps recorded Tuesday, Nov. 1: a high of 52 degrees; 38 degrees for the low.

50 Years Ago – 1969

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Stumpf of Mandan were honored on the occasion of their golden wedding anniversary with a family dinner held at the Mandan Country Club. Mrs. Stumpf, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Michael Koch, and her husband, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Martin Stumpf, were born in Russia and came to the United States as small children. The couple married in October 1919 at Yucca, and then came to Mandan where they operated the White Fence Grocery for many years. Their marriage was blessed with five children.

The Fort Yates Jaycees edged out the Mandan Jaycees by one event in the fun-filled Round-Up Day activities held Sunday at the Mandan rodeo grounds. The Fort Yates Jaycees were winners of the cow riding, rescue race, calf roping and barrel racing events, while Mandan won the sack race, scoop shovel race and the keg roping event.

Only two contestants qualified in the cow riding by staying on the required time limit. Sandy Luger of Fort Yates took first place and Larry Froelich of Mandan, second.

The team of Jerry Hopfauf and Ray Mosbrucker of Mandan won the sack race. Second place went to Emmett White Temple and George Beckler of Fort Yates.

The team of Larry Froelich and Jim Hatzenbuhler, Mandan, took first place in the scoop shovel race; Ray Grismer and Leo Ressler, Mandan, took second.

Del Eastman of Fort Yates won the calf roping with a time of 32 seconds; taking second was Sandy Luger, also of Fort Yates, with 51.3 seconds.

Leo Ressler of Mandan won the keg roping event with a throw of 22 feet.

Del Eastman, Fort Yates, won the barrel racing with 19.2 seconds; taking a close second with 20 seconds was Larry Froelich, Mandan.

75 Years Ago – 1944

Former 1940 Republican presidential contender, Wendell Willkie, 52, has died unexpectedly at New York following a throat infection that eventually affected his heart. His funeral was held in Rushville, Ind., after the return of his son, Lt. Philip Willkie, USNR, who was on convoy duty in the Atlantic.

The Piggly Wiggly grocery store in Mandan has been opened under new management. The store had been closed for redecoration purposes and a general fall cleaning. The new manager is Emil Moos, who previously worked for the Jewel Tea company in Dickinson. Originally from New Salem, Moos, who is experienced in speaking German, is married and has one son, Marvin, a cook in the Navy; one daughter, Evelyn, at Dickinson; and two sons, Harold, 16, and Duane, 11, at home.

“Funeral services have been held for Adam J. Boehm, 51, deputy sheriff of Morton County, who died of an unexpected heart ailment. He was born in Mandan in 1893 and attended rural and Mandan schools and was married to Catherine Gress at Crown Butte. Before taking office as deputy sheriff, he had been employed for 12 years with the Farmers Elevator. In addition to his widow, survivors include six sons; three brothers; three sisters.

News from the Armed Forces:

“The Secretary of War has notified the parents of First Lieutenant E. W. (Bill) Carlson that he has been missing in action in Holland since the Sept. 17 paratroop invasion there. Lt. Carlson was graduated from Mandan High School in 1936 and from the University of North Dakota in 1942. He was a veteran of the “Immortal 82nd” and was dropped near Arnhem. His parents are Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Carlson, who currently reside in Minneapolis.

“EM. 2/c Owen E. O’Neill, who is in the submarine service, and is the son of Mr. and Mrs. D. M. O’Neill of Fort Rice, has left for San Francisco after spending a 30-day leave with this family. EM O’Neill entered the service in 1941 and has been stationed in the South Pacific. His brother, Kenneth, is also in the Navy in the South Pacific.”

100 Years Ago – 1919

“The North Dakota Methodist conference, which has just closed its session in Minot, voted, nearly unanimously, to take over the Mandan hospital and convert it into a state hospital under the charge of that denomination. The stockholders of the Mandan hospital, at a meeting some weeks ago, tendered the institution to the Methodists on condition that they maintain and continue it as a hospital. The formal transfer to the Methodists is expected to occur on Jan. 1.

“The Methodists have an organization of women within the church known as Deaconesses, under whose charge hospitals are directed. It is proposed to turn this hospital over to the women’s group to enlarge the hospital, build a Deaconess home and to also build a nurses training school.”

“Marriage licenses were issued this past month at the county judge’s office to John Renner and Lena Schantz, both of Glen Ullin; to Miss Barbara Dinius, Mandan, and Ralph Geis, Flasher; to Lawrence M. Stumpf, Mandan, and Miss Rose Koch, Hensler; to Charles Kaelberer, Almont, and Miss Erma Marie Schwenkendorff, New Salem.

“Herman Bindewald of Lyons, who was in the city today, reports that he has just received a letter from Germany, the first to come in four years. In the letter is the news that his brother Robert who was professor of mathematics in the University of Breslau, had died almost four years ago. The letter took 27 days to reach here.”

125 Years Ago– 1894

“On Thursday, Nov. 1, at 2:30 p.m., the thermometer recorded 42 degrees above zero.

“Special services were held at St. Joseph’s Roman Catholic Church, yesterday being the festival of All Saints and this morning for the festival of Old Souls.

“A heavy shower of rain on Saturday night was followed by a rather disagreeable wind which lasted nearly all day on Sunday.

“The digging of the ditch for the new water mains, which has been in charge of Alderman John McDonald, is about completed, and Mr. Mackin has made a good start in the laying of the pipe.

“A good many taxpayers are complaining loud and long about the condition of the street lamps and wonder why the broken ones are not replaced or repaired.

“On last Saturday evening a number of the neighbors and friends of Mr. Jacob Christina surprised him by calling en masse in the evening to remind him that he had been in this world for a half century. Needless to say, the guests were very cordially received by Mr. Christina and his wife, and after the host had received the downpour of congratulations, preparations were made for a few short games of cards, during which willing hands prepared refreshments that were taken amid pleasant chatting. Afterwards, the rooms were cleared for dancing and that continued until nearly daybreak. All agreed that Mr. Christina’s birthday celebration will be remembered for many years to come.”

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