For those of you who spend most of your day listening to talk radio or Fox I once again differ with your lambasting of the Green New Deal and how awful those left wingers’ ideas are.

I’ll start by saying that I lean more left than right but more often than not I find myself in the radical middle of the road, which means that in any given public train wreck I worry more about the survivors than I do the damage to the train.

Anyway, I’m quite used to getting hit from all directions. So if you’ll permit me here I’ll take a swing at the far right conservatives. It seems that way too many of those folks think that going back to slavery, indentured servitude and segregated neighborhoods is a good idea. However, I will say that since conservatives want to conserve things as they are, that’s not all bad. But there’s a fine line between ignorance and dedication when having to decide whether a flag is more important than the people who may suffer underneath it.

I’m not slamming the flag, so slow down here, just the principle that the right’s media always seems willing to go overboard when it comes to taking a knee in front of one. Both my loyal readers will note here that I’ve often said that what this country needs is more free speech worth listening to. I have no plans to burn my flag or yours but I have thought about what it would take for me to change my mind.

Unlike what the right wing media says, as a lefty I want to preserve the Second Amendment because it along with the First Amendment preserves my right to revolt against my government if I believe that they are doing more harm than good — it’s part of the “we the people” thing, check it out.

So when it comes to being conservative I can list a raft of stuff we need to keep/conserve, but when it comes to the future I lean more left than right because my future here is rather limited. Conservatives are more concerned with keeping the present, which usually requires one to spend more time preserving the past than it does peering into the future.

This point was recently driven home. When AOC was elected Fox went crazy when she brought out the Green New Deal, the dominant media fans around here went nuts … the left is taking over the world … socialism, socialism, socialism!

From what I can tell way too many folks around here actually believe Fox News over all other sources, haven’t really researched the actual proposal; rather, they agree with Donald Trump, who bagged it by asking his supporters, “How’d you like to ride a train rather a plane between here and California?”

My future here isn’t long enough to see how this all comes out because a new generation of leaders is emerging, and like one of them said, “It’ll be 2054 when I reach Trump’s age of 72 … And as a liberal I’m more interested what’s going to happen tomorrow than preserving what we have today ... and that’s what life’s all about.”

So considering that my generation has left poop in our nest I find it encouraging to see this next generation open up the debate about how they plan to clean up after us. I wish them much success in their pursuits of happiness.

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Dan Ulmer is a parent, grandparent, as well as a retired teacher, counselor, politician, lobbyist, public employee, nonprofit executive and opinionated citizen who believes that we need to do what we can to leave the world better off than we found it.