After a nearly three-year hiatus New Salem has a new grocery store, Tellmann’s Market.

New Salem native Allan Tellmann and his wife, Debra, opened the store on July 28. Tellmann called it a "soft opening." The former dairy farmer said it was a long process getting the store opened.

Though there were some unforeseen delays, Tellmann said, “Nothing that we couldn’t overcome, just delays that took time to resolve.”

The idea for the grocery store was conceived about two years ago after the last store closed nearly three years ago.

“There was a big void in the community for this and we decided to accept the challenge and see if we could make it happen,” said Tellmann.

The Tellmanns recognized the need for a grocery store and realized the older community and young mothers had a challenging time making it to Mandan and Bismarck to shop.

“It’s an actual relief for people to finally see something like this back in town,” said New Salem Mayor Lynette Fitterer.

The mayor commended the Tellmanns for taking a chance and utilizing their funds to build the business for the community. She is confident the store will do well and add to the economy in New Salem. “With some of the businesses and industry going on in the area I think it’s only going to contribute to the store's success,” said Fitterer.

Tellmann said construction on the store began 16 months ago, around April of 2015. The 8,700 square foot building is a full service grocery store with two registers, service counter, deli, bakery and produce.

The store has 15 employees made up of high school and college students, semi-retired and a few full time employees. Tellmann says the store is affiliated with Supervalu, Inc. as a supplier.

Business has been good so far, “We’ve been a little busier than anticipated,” said Tellmann. Fitterer, who visited the store on Monday, said people from the surrounding area such as Almont, Center, and Carson have already patronized the store.

Tellmann said there will be a grand opening in September.

The store's hours  are 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Saturday and 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Sunday. Tellmann’s Market is located at 603 Ash Ave. in New Salem.

“When that sign went up that said Tellmann’s Market a week or two ago, then we knew it was for real,” said Fitterer.

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