The next generation of Fishers is joining the family business at Fisher Industries.

The company was started by Gene Fisher, who mined sand and gravel near Dickinson more than 60 years ago. Under Gene Fisher’s son, Tommy Fisher, it has become a multimillion dollar corporation providing concrete, asphalt, drilling, blasting and paving services, along with manufacturing and selling various aggregate products

And now Gene Fisher’s grandsons, Grant and Ryan Fisher, are joining the team, making it a third-generation company.

Grant Fisher graduated May 10 from Arizona State University with a degree in business and Ryan Fisher is set to graduate next year with a degree in business management from Grand Canyon University.

“It has been my dream since the boys were born to work together on the same team. Now that the time is here, I wish Dad was alive to see it,” Tommy Fisher said in a statement. ”I am so proud to be their father and be able to pass on the knowledge I have gained from my father on all aspects of my life, including construction.”

When Tommy Fisher took over in 1996 he started operations in Arizona, which now span the western United States.

Between classes, Grant Fisher has worked projects for the family business in Arizona, Nevada and spent three summers building levees in Louisiana.

He and his brother have been learning the family business since they were teenagers, working in the control lab, operating heavy equipment and surveying. As he joins the company full time, Grant Fisher is taking on a project management role, working under the guidance of other Fisher employees, on a number of major projects on which the company is bidding.

With technology continuously changing construction of infrastructure, Grant Fisher is coming out of school with that technical knowledge.

“I think we’re heading in a really good direction as far as where my dad has things right now,” said Grant Fisher, adding that the company continues to grow more efficient and take on bigger and bigger jobs.

For the past year, Grant Fisher has worked on the U.S. border wall project, for which Fisher was one of six companies chosen to develop a prototype.

“It’s a great time to prove how vertically integrated we are,” he said. “A job that would usually take 20 companies to accomplish we can basically do internally.”

And as far as the size of the project, Grant Fisher sees the potential for a border wall as the biggest civil project since the Hoover Dam and the mobile concrete form system utilized by Fisher as a way to change how concrete is poured for all different kinds of projects.

While the Fisher brothers operate out of Arizona, Grant Fisher said they still consider North Dakota their headquarters. He said the specialty equipment fabricated by General Steel and the aggregate mined and processed by Fisher Sand and Gravel, serve as a steady stream of income for Fisher Industries that allows the company to take on larger jobs in the south.

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