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Marlo Anderson

Mandan's Marlo Anderson, founder of National Day Calendar, announced a number of related new ventures during Bismarck-Mandan 1 Million Cups earlier this month.

Mandan’s Guru of Geek, Marlo Anderson, is adding to his entrepreneurial exploits with a couple of new media and marketing ventures, as well as a movie.

Anderson is the creator of National Day Calendar, an online database and registrar of national days, weeks and months — from National Popcorn Day to Talk Like a Pirate Day. Piggybacking off that success, he’s started a marketing company called 3sixty5 meant to leverage National Day Calendar’s popularity for business clients.

Anderson began by asking himself how he could use the relationships he’s built to help others.

With 34,500 Twitter followers and 154,566 Facebook followers, National Day Calendar has a large audience that 3sixty5 customers could then reach.

On National Beer Day, April 7, 3sixty5 tried its first local promotional event, livestreaming beer-making demonstrations on National Day Calendar’s Facebook page put on by Two Track Malting at Buffalo Commons Brewing Company in Mandan.

“It worked out well,” said Jared Stober, founder of North Dakota barley malting business Two Track Malting. “We had higher social media traffic than we’ve had for any other event.”

With about 1,500 registered national days, including World Trick Shot Day when the Harlem Globetrotters celebrated by shooting a basketball off the North Dakota State Capitol roof, Anderson can find a day to match clients to  help promote their business.

Anderson also wants to help more people get into the podcast market, marking his second new venture, Q1.

Lots of people will start a podcast only to have the effort die off once it becomes time consuming without monetary value, according to Anderson, who aims to take on editing and marketing for his clients. Q1 would create a network of experts in podcast form which can be distributed.

Anderson has a podcast of his own, the Tech Ranch, which he says has about 10,000 downloads per week.

Finally, Anderson has been making time in California scripting a movie with National Day Calendar’s licensing representative 3C Entertainment Inc., a licensing company founded by the Three Stooges.

The film, "National Daze," will be based on some of Anderson’s adventures with National Day Calendar. The film will star Kate McKinnon as a newspaper journalist trying to make a name for herself. She’s assigned a story about National Day Calendar and begins living out each of these unofficial national holidays over the course of a year.

Other stars involved will include Dan Aykroyd, and Bruno Mars has been signed on for work on the soundtrack, according to Anderson, who said Mandan will see a starring role, as it is planned to shoot a portion of the film during the Independence Day Parade this summer.

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