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Judges have ordered two unlicensed contractors to pay more than $137,000 in restitution and penalties.

Jeremy Meyer, of Fargo, doing business as JM Construction & Design, and Cody Fleckenstein, of New Salem, doing business as Prefab Plus LLC, were found to have violated consumer fraud and contracting laws by working on projects costing more than $4,000 without the necessary license. They were banned from working in the state and financially penalized.

Meyer was ruled against in a civil case for taking advance payments from several homeowners in Mercer and Burleigh counties for plumbing installation, remodeling, roofing and siding, but did not complete the work or provide any refunds. The Mercer County District Court found that Meyer was operating without a contractor’s license, abandoned consumer projects, failed to provide refunds, diverted consumer funds and had engaged in consumer fraud.

Meyer was ordered to pay $18,000 in restitution and an additional $8,500 in civil penalties to the Attorney General’s office. He is banned from working as a contractor for a minimum of three years and until he has paid in full all restitution and penalties.

Fleckenstein was ordered to pay $92,400 in restitution, civil penalties and fees for taking advance payments for building prefabrication work from several individuals in Burleigh and Morton counties. In most cases, he did not deliver the materials or do the work. He also owes $18,494 in penalties and fees to the Attorney General’s office.

Several other individuals have filed civil lawsuits against Fleckenstein, each alleging similar violations.

Fleckenstein is banned from doing any contracting work for a minimum of five years and until he has paid what he owes restitution.

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