Seventy-eight-year-old Beatrice Boehm takes pride in the Boehm Farm. She and her husband, Joe, started out nearly 60 years ago with next to nothing and went on to build a large 2,000-acre farming and ranching operation.

“Beatrice has helped Joe on the farm every day,” said Jean Kraft, who nominated Boehm for Country Woman of the Year.

“We started out really poor. I’m proud of all of the things we have accomplished,” Boehm said. “We started out renting land and I milked cows and sold cream for grocery money.”

The mother of 10 said it helped being resourceful during those early days.

“We had meat, eggs, garden stuff. It was a little cheaper (than going to the grocery store) with 10 kids,” Boehm said.

Besides growing crops, gardens and chickens, Boehm is known for her expertise in the kitchen.

“Beatrice is an excellent baker and cook, avid gardener and loves tending to her 75-plus chickens. She is always willing to help on the farm whether it be hauling hay or filling the seeder or picking potatoes,” said Kraft.

Boehm said she really enjoys the calm of countryside and watching things grow.

“Living out here is quiet, it’s a different kind of life than in town. You can pretty much do whatever you would like,” she chuckles.

Boehm is known for singing in the church choir, assisting with funerals and donating her time to cleaning the church, among other things.

“Besides the chickens and gardening, Beatrice likes to sew, bake, and listen to old time music. She enjoys playing a waltz or polka on the accordion and collecting chickens in every shape and form,” said Kraft.

Boehm and her husband Joe will celebrate their 60th Anniversary in October of this year. The Boehms have 10 children: Patrick, 59, Pam 57, Perry, 56, Annette, 56, Joe Jr., 54, Chuck, 52, Jean, 50, Kim 46, Elicia, 42, and Joshua, 31.

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