Details for POLENSKY AUCTION SERVICE - Ad from 2019-09-19

Auction - Moving Sale Charlie and Marlene Miller........701-597-3572 September 28, 2019, 10:00 am CT 125 2nd Street, Raleigh, ND Beer Signs/Mirrors/Memorabilia Yard/Tool Vehicles Yard/Tool Generator - portable gas Pabst, Budweiser, Schmidt, Coors, Stroh’s, 1927 Chevy truck body - portable gas 2Generator Fuel tanks Olympia, Rainer Lt. 149,000 miles 2002 Dodge Sport Caravan Fishing poles - tackle 2 Fuel tanks Seagrams 7 mirrors: (CyisYoung, Babe Ruth, Ty Cobb, Ladders Anvil 1973 Ford pickup as Fishing poles - tackle Lou Gehrig, Roberto Clemente, Gil Hodges) Air compressor Pickup trailer with topper Ladders - Anvil Drills, numerous tools Budweiser pool light Tires Ford F150 x5 Air compressor Garden tools, hoses, 5 Tires 2-35 85.16 with with 8 holelight rim Drills, numerous tools flower pots Schmidt covered wagon Resin molds Garden tools,hoses, flower pots Ceramic whiskey collectible decanters 7 Storage chests Resin molds 2 Wheel barrows EZRA Brooks Dakota Cowgirl and Cowboy 7 Storage&chests Wooden steel posts Dakota Express stage coach Pabst, Budweiser, Schmidt, Coors, Stroh’s, Wheel barrowsjacks 22Ton Hydraulic Olympia, Rainer Lt. Carson statue replica Wooden & steel posts lawn mower - lawn cart 54” Poulan Pro-riding Seagrams 7 mirrors: (Cy Young, Babe Ruth, Ty Cobb, MTD lawn mower 2 Ton22” Hydraulic jacks John Deere Pace Setter Tractor Lou Gehrig, Roberto Clemente, Gil Hodges) Murray 9 horse snowblower 54” Poulan Pro-riding lawn mower - lawn cart International Pace Setter tractor Cement bird bath windmill Budweiser pool light MTD 22 “ lawn mower Mirrors signs of various Schmidtand covered wagon with light Murray 9 horse snowblower Household brands...... Ceramic whiskey collectible decanters Cement bird bath - windmill Molson Canadian mirror Full size bed with headboard EZRA Brooks Dakota Cowgirl and Cowboy Seagrams 7 mirrors Deck swing Tuaca Golden Screw mirror Dakota Express stage coach Many more items 3 - Pabst (PBR) signs Book shelves Carson statue replica Leroux Schnapps mirror in this sale Household Budweiser mirror Desk John Deere Pace Setter Tractor to numerous to mention. Budweiser mirror Full sizewith bed with headboard Dresser mirror International Pace Setter tractor Heineken mirror Deck swing Lamps Michelob mirror signs of various brands...... 2 -Mirrors Coors and mirrors File cabinets Book shelves Seagrams 7 mirrors Michelob Lightmirror mirror Molson Canadian Dr. McGillicuddy’s mirror Table Desk with 8 chairs 3 - Pabst (PBR) signs Tuaca Golden Screw mirror Schlitz mirror 4Dresser Counter height 3 Schmidt mirrors with mirrorbar stools Budweiser mirror Leroux Schnapps mirror Knick knacks California Cellars mirror Lamps mirror VikinHeineken Fjord mirror Budweiser mirror Fisher pool table, racks, balls, cues 2 - Coors mirrors File cabinets Keystone mirror Michelob mirror Galliano mirror Love-seat, couch & chair Dr. McGillicuddy’s mirror Table with 8 chairs Michelob Light mirror Accordion 3 - Miller High Life Wildlife mirrors Miller Genuine Draft mirror 3 Schmidt mirrors Schlitz mirror 4 Counter heightofbar stools THOUSANDS BASEBALL CARDS SchmidtCellars sign mirror Fjord mirror Opening Day California FirstVikin Flush, Tip-Up Knick knacks Galliano mirror Keystone Olympiamirror sign Red Dog mirror Fisher pool table, racks, balls, cues Antiques 3 - Miller High Life Wildlife mirrors Miller Genuine Draft mirror Love-seat,lamps couch & chair Kerosene 8 Gal. Red Wing crock Rainer Light mirror BudFirst Light mirror Flush, Tip-Up Opening Day Schmidt sign Wrenches Accordion - pick - fence stretcher Red Dog mirror Olympia mirror Tuscany mirror Olympia sign Several metal tractor seats, traps THOUSANDS of BASEBALL CARDS Bud Light mirror Rainer Light mirror 2 - Stroh’s mirrors Killian’s mirror Harp lap string instrument (needs work) Tuscany mirror Olympia mirror Many more antique items Taylor Cellars mirror Steinlager mirror 2 - California Stroh’s mirrors Beer Signs/Mirrors/Memorabilia Antiques Vehicles TaylorBrau California Cellars mirror Meister mirror Kerosene 1927 Chevylamps truck body 8 Gal. Red Wing crock 2002 Dodge- pick Sport Caravan 149,000 miles Wrenches - fence stretcher 1973 Ford pickup as isseats, traps Several metal tractor Pickup trailer with topper Harp lap string instrument (needs work) Tires Ford F150 x 5 antiquewith items 5Many Tires more 2-35 85.16 8 hole rim Brau mirror mirror LordMeister Calvert Canadian Lord Calvert Canadian mirror 3 - Pabst (PBR) 3 - Pabst (PBR)mirrors mirrors Hot Hot Apple Pie Apple Piemirror mirror Triplemint Schnapps mirror mirror Triplemint Schnapps Leroux Liqueur mirror Leroux Liqueur mirror Polensky Auction Service License #55 Clerk #428 Phone...... (701) 425-2072 Killian’s mirror Miller High Life mirror Steinlager mirror Miller Life(working mirror & non-working) NeonHigh signs Neon signs (working & non-working) Numerous other Numerous other beerbeer memorabilia memorabiliaitems items Many more items in this sale to numerous to mention. Lunch Served. Any Statement made on sale day takes precedence over printed material. Not Responsible for Accidents.

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