Details for Perficient/Sanford Health - Ad from 2019-11-13

AT ST H AR LE T.P ER T E FO RM .FI NI SH OF MO TH NT E H CONGRATULATIONS to Grace Kelly on being chosen as November’s Athlete of the Month at Sanford POWER in Bismarck! . Grace is a Sophomore at Shiloh Christian where she participates in basketball and track. Grace has a strong work ethic and competitive mind-set that allows her to accel rapidly in her training. She dedicates herself to becoming the best athlete possible by going above and beyond what is expected. Grace not only exemplifies her work ethic and positivity in training, but also in her status as a member of the National Honor Society as well as Key Club. IMPROVE YOUR PERFORMANCE 054004-00117 Rev. 10/19 Congratulations, Grace!