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PAID ADVERTISEMENT Leading Pill for Bouts of Reflux Becomes an AntiAging Phenomenon Scientific studies show breakthrough acid reflux treatment also helps maintain vital health and helps protect users from the serious conditions that accompany aging such as fatigue and poor cardiovascular health Stewart Blum Health Correspondence Seattle, WA – A published study on a leading acid re�lux ingredient shows that its key ingredient improves digestive health while maintaining health levels of in�lammation that contributes to premature aging in men and women. And, if consumer sales are any indication of a product’s effectiveness, this ‘acid re�lux pill turned anti-aging phenomenon’ is nothing short of a miracle. Sold under the brand name AloeCure®, its ingredient was already backed by research showing its ability to neutralize acid levels and hold them down for long lasting day and night relief from bouts of heartburn and, acid re�lux, gas, bloating, and more. But soon doctors started reporting some incredible results... “With AloeCure, my patients started reporting, better sleep, more energy, stronger immune systems... even less stress and better skin, hair, and nails” explains Dr. Liza Leal; a leading integrative health specialist and company spokesperson. AloeCure contains an active ingredient that helps improve digestion by acting as a natural acid-buffer that improves the pH balance of your stomach. Doctors are calling AloeCure the greatest accidental health discovery in decades! Scientists now believe that this acid imbalance could be a major contributing factor to painful in�lammation throughout the rest of the body. The daily allowance of AloeCure has shown to calm this in�lammation through immune system adjustments which is why AloeCure is so effective. Relieving other stressful symptoms related to GI health like pain, bloating, fatigue, cramping, acid overproduction, and nausea. Now, backed with new scienti�ic studies, AloeCure is being doctor recommended to help improve digestion, and even reduce the appearance of wrinkles – helping patients look and feel decades younger. FIX YOUR GUT & FIGHT INFLAMMATION Since hitting the market, sales for AloeCure have taken off and there are some very good reasons why. To start, the clinical studies have been impressive. Virtually all participants taking it reported stunning improvement in digestive symptoms including bouts of heartburn. Users can also experience higher energy levels and endurance, relief from chronic discomfort and better sleep, healthier looking skin, hair, and nails. A healthy gut is the key to a reducing swelling and in�lammation that can wreak havoc on the human body. Doctors say this is why AloeCure works on so many aspects of your health. AloeCure’s active ingredient is made from the famous healing compound found in Aloe Vera. It is both safe and healthy. There are also no known side effects. Scientists believe that it helps improve digestive by acting as a natural acid-buffer that improves the pH balance of your stomach and helps the immune system maintain healthy functions. Research has shown that “ACCIDENTAL” ANTI-AGING BREAKTHROUGH: Originally developed for digestive issues, AloeCure not only ends digestion nightmares... it revitalizes the entire body. Some are calling it the greatest accidental discovery in decades. this acid imbalance contributes to painful in�lammation throughout your entire body and is why AloeCure seems to be so effective. EXCITING RESULTS FROM PATIENTS To date millions of bottles of AloeCure have been sold, and the community seeking non-pharma therapy for their GI health continues to grow. According to Dr. Leal, her patients are absolutely thrilled with their results and are often shocked by how fast it works. “For the �irst time in years, they are free from concerns about their digestion and almost every other aspect of their health,” says Dr. Leal, “and I recommend it to everyone who wants to improve GI health before considering drugs, surgery, or OTC medications.” “All the problems with my stomach are gone. Completely gone. I can say AloeCure is a miracle. It’s a miracle.” Another user turned spokesperson said, “I started to notice a difference because I was sleeping through the night and that was great. AloeCure does work for me. It’s made a huge difference.” With so much positive feedback, it’s easy to see why the community of believers is growing and sales for the new pill are soaring. THE SCIENCE BEHIND ALOECURE AloeCure is a pill that’s taken just once daily. The pill is small. Easy to swallow. There are no harmful side effects and it does not require a prescription. The active ingredient is a rare Aloe Vera component known as acemannan. Millions spent in developing a proprietary process for extracting acemannan resulted in the highest quality, most bio-available levels of acemannan known to exist, and it’s made from organic aloe. According to Dr. Leal and leading experts, improving the pH balance of your stomach and restoring gut health is the key to revitalizing your entire body. When your digestive system isn’t healthy, it causes unwanted stress on your immune system, which results in in�lammation in the rest of the body. The recommended daily allowance of acemannan in AloeCure has been proven to support digestive health and manage painful in�lammation through immune system adjustments without side effects or drugs. This would explain why so many users are experiencing impressive results so quickly. REVITALIZE YOUR ENTIRE BODY With daily use, AloeCure helps users look and feel decades younger and defend against some of the painful in�lammation that accompanies aging and can make life hard. By buffering stomach acid and restoring gut health, AloeCure’s ingredient maintains healthy immune system function to combat painful in�lammation... reduce the appearance of winkles and help strengthen hair and nails ... maintains healthy cholesterol and oxidative stress... improves sleep and energy…. and supports brain function by way of gut biome... without side effects or expense. Readers can now reclaim their energy, vitality, and youth regardless of age. GUARANTEED RESULTS OR DOUBLE YOUR MONEY BACK Due to the incredible results people are reporting, AloeCure is being sold with an equally incredible guarantee. “We can only offer this incredible guarantee because we are 100% certain this product will work for those who use it,” Says Dr. Leal. Here’s how it works: Take the pill exactly as directed. You must see and feel remarkable improvements in your digestive health, your mental health, in your physical appearance, the amount in�lammation you have throughout your body – even in your ability to fall asleep at night! Otherwise, simply return the empty bottles with a short note about how you took the pills and followed the simple instructions and the company will send you...Double your money back! AloeCure Taken Daily • Helps End Digestion Nightmares • Reduces appearance of Wrinkles & Increases Elasticity • Supports Healthy Immune System HOW TO GET ALOECURE This is the of�icial nationwide release of the new AloeCure pill in the United States. And so, the company is offering our readers up to 3 FREE bottles with their order. This special give-away is available for the next 48-hours only. All you have to do is call TOLL- FREE 1-800-834-9810 and provide the operator with the Free Bottle Approval Code: AC100. The company will do the rest. Important: Due to AloeCure’s recent media exposure, phone lines are often busy. If you call and do not immediately get through, please be patient and call back. Those who miss the 48-hour deadline may lose out on this free bottle offer. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. All doctors mentioned are remunerated for their services. All clinical studies on AloeCure’s active ingredient were independently conducted and were not sponsored by the American Global Health Group.