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PAIDADVERTISEMENT Mysterious Island Produces 7 Times More Geniuses 0 it, I experienced mental clarity and focus,” says John F. “I noticed my mental function improved and I could concentrate better and be more productive throughout the day.” How It Works Cornell University researchers have found that “the brain needs DHA to reach its full potential.” Unfortunately, most of us do not get nearly enough DHA in our food. As a result, our brain health deteriorates with aging. The good news is, if you get enough of the right kind of DHA, you can get a rejuvenated, “just like new” brain… …the kind nature intended you to have for all of your life... …even up to age 100 and beyond. That’s why Dr. Sears’ “smart pill” — Omega Rejuvenol — is formulated with what may be the most potent source of DHA on Earth: squid oil. After the oil is distilled, it’s over 65% DHA – the highest concentration he’s ever found. Omega Rejuvenol further boosts the power of high- DHA squid oil by mixing it with krill oil, the most absorbable form of DHA. In a study published in the journal Nutrition Research, people taking krill oil saw their omega-3 levels skyrocket by 178% — '! 6-+ DAFD$! CD:7 BED 'A<. With Omega Rejuvenol, the potent DHA from squid oil binds to the highly penetrable krill oil, and combined with astaxanthin — the world’s strongest antioxidant — crosses the 8<''3/8!:A7 8:!!A$! C' *''3 your brain cells with DHA. =D:C)E E'9$CDA7F 7' BED oil can do. Omega Rejuvenol also contains four key fatsoluble nutrients — vitamin D3, mixed vitamin E tocotrienols, vitamin K2 and vitamin A retinol — that can slow down, and even reverse the shortening of your telomeres, giving new life to your aging cells so you can look and feel years younger and healthier. With Omega Rejuvenol, you get all these brainboosting, age-defying nutrients in a small, superconcentrated, easy-toswallow softgel — with no BED( E9$<< '! :"C$!C:EC$. How to Order Omega Rejuvenol Today Right now, the only way to get this powerful combination of nutrients that boost brain health is with Dr. Sears’ breakthrough Omega Rejuvenol formula. To secure bottles of this unique formula, buyers should contact the Sears Toll-Free Health Hotline at 1-800-563-2210 within the next 48 hours. “It’s not available in stores yet,” says Dr. Sears. “The Hotline allows us to ship the product directly to the customer.” Dr. Sears feels so strongly about this product, he offers a 100% money-back guarantee on every order. “Just send me back the bottle and any unused product within 90 days of purchase, and I’ll send you your money back,” he says. The Hotline will be open for the next 48 hours. After that, the phone number will be shut down to allow them to restock. Call 1-800-563-2210 to secure your limited supply of Omega Rejuvenol. You don’t need a prescription, and those who call in the B!EC ,4 D'@!E #@: