Details for Brighter Future Alliance - Odney - Ad from 2019-11-10

Good for North Dakota
Good for America
The Enhanced Dakota Access Pipeline
Did you know that the enhanced Dakota Access Pipeline will move more than 1 million
barrels of oil a day from North Dakota's oil fields to Illinois and the gulf coast. That’s good for
North Dakota and good for America. Why? Because it means more good-paying jobs, more
money for schools, roads and water projects, and a more energy independent America.

It’s good for our state’s economy.

Will pay millions of dollars annually in local property taxes.
Will increase state oil tax revenues by over $30 million per year.

It will make our nation and the world safer and more secure.

Will reduce our need for oil from unstable and dangerous nations.
Ensures stable gas prices even in times of Middle East conflict.

It’s the safest, most environmentally friendly way to ship oil.

Takes 1,500 oil tankers off our state’s railroads daily.
Uses the latest and best available pipeline technology.

Energy Transfer’s plan to enhance the Dakota Access Pipeline will help create a brighter
future for North Dakota and a more secure and safe America.


Sponsored by the Brighter Future Alliance, Pat Finken Chair