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PAID ADVERTISEMENT Last State Restricted JFK Silver Bank Rolls go to North Dakota residents North Dakota residents get first dibs on last remaining Bank Rolls loaded with U.S. Gov’t issued Silver JFK’s dating back to the mid 1900’s some worth up to 60 times their face value for just the $19 minimum set for state residents - non state residents must pay $57 per coin if any remain after 2-day deadline STATE DIS DISTRIBUTION: TRIBU TION : A strict strict limit limit of of 6 State State Restricted Restricted Bank Bank Rolls Rolls per per ND ND resident resident has has been been imposed imposed “It’s “It’s a miracle miracle these State State Restricted Rolls That’s why Bank R olls eeven ven eexist. xist. Tha t’s w hy Hotline Operators aree br bracing H otline Oper ators ar acing calls,”” said ffor or the flood of calls, Lauraa L Lynne, U.S. Laur ynne, U .S. Coin and Currency Treasurer Curr ency Tr easurer ffor or National the N ational Mint and Treasury. For For the next next 2 days days the State last rremaining emaining Sta te of North Dakota N orth D akota RestrictRolls loaded ed Bank R olls loa ded U.S. with rrarely arely seen U .S. Gov’t Silver JFK’ss G ov’t issued Silv er JFK’ aree aactually ar ctually being handed North Dakota oover ver to N orth D akota rresiesiwho National dents w ho call the N ational Toll-Free Hotlines to-T oll-Free H otlines listed in to day’s newspaper publication. da y’s ne wspaper publica tion. “I recently recently spoke spoke with a retired retired Treasurer United States Tr easurer of the U nited Sta tes of who ‘In myy yyears America w ho said ‘I n all m ears as Treasurer I’ve Tr easurer I’ ve only eever ver seen a handful of these rarely seen Silver JFK’s issued JACKPOT: by the U.S. Gov’t over 50 years ago. IImagine magine ffinding inding But to actually find them sealed away the 1970-D in State Restricted Bank Rolls still in S ilver JJFK FK sh own Silver shown above worth pristine condition is like finding buried the highest treasure. So anyone lucky enough to ccollector ollector vvalue alue o n on get their hands on these Bank Rolls had rrecord ecord iin no ne o one off better hold on to them,’” Lynne said. tthese h e se u nsearched unsearched “Now that the State of North Dakota B ank R olls. T here Bank Rolls. There Restricted Bank Rolls are being ofV VALUABLE: ALUABLE: are never any IIt’s t’s llike ike a ttreasure reasure h unt hunt g uarantees, b ut guarantees, but fered up we won’t be surprised if thou- tthere’s here’s n o ttelling elling w hat no what N orth D akota rresidents esidents North Dakota sands of North Dakota residents claim y o u ’ l l f i n d . T h a t ’ s b e c a u s e t h e da tes you’ll find. That’s because the dates w h o g e t t h ei r h a n d s o n who get their hands on the maximum limit allowed of 6 Bank aand nd mi nt m arks o he ttwenty wenty U .S. G ov’t iissued ssued mint marks off tthe U.S. Gov’t tthese hese St ate R estricted State Restricted Rolls per resident before they’re all JJFK FK S ilver ccoins oins ssealed ealed aaway way iinside nside tthese hese S tate o Silver State off B ank R olls w ill b he rreally eally Bank Rolls will bee tthe gone,” said Lynne. N orth D akota R estricted B ank R olls h ave n ever b een North Dakota Restricted Bank Rolls have never been llucky ucky o ne s b e c a us e m any ones because many “That’s because the dates and mint ssearched. earched. A now iiss ssome ome o he ccoins oins aare re Allll w wee kknow off tthe S ilver JJFK’s FK’s h ave n early d oubled iin n Silver have nearly doubled worth up to 60 times their face value. marks of the U.S. Gov’t issued Silver collector value in the last several years. clad JFK Half Dollars sealed away inside the State of North Dakota Re- are busy. We’ll do our best to answer Dakota residents get the State Re- is make sure they are a resident of stricted Bank Rolls have never been them all,” Lynne said. stricted Bank Rolls before they’re all the state of North Dakota and call searched. But, we do know that these “That’s why the National Mint and gone,” she said. the National Toll-Free Hotlines becoins date back to the mid 1900’s and Treasury set up the National Toll-Free The only thing readers of today’s fore the 2-day deadline ends midnight some are worth up to 60 times their Hotlines in order to make sure North newspaper publication need to do tomorrow. ■ face value, so there is no telling what North Dakota residents will find until they sort through all the coins,” Lynne IMPORTANT: The dates and mint marks of the U.S. Gov’t issued Silver JFK Half Dollars sealed away inside the State of North Dakota Restricted Bank Rolls have never been searched. Coin values always went on to say. And here’s the best part. If you are fluctuate and they are never any guarantees, but any of the scarce coins shown below, regardless of a resident of the state of North Dakota their value that residents may find inside the sealed Bank Rolls are theirs to keep. state yyou ou ccover over only the $19 per ccoin oin sta te byy the N National minimum set b ational Mint Treasury, that’s and Tr easury, tha t’s ttwenty wenty U.S. Gov’t rrarely arely seen U .S. G ov’t isSilver clad sued Silv er cla d JFK half dollarss w worth dollar orth up to 60 times their fface ace vvalue alue which ffor or just $380 w hich is a rreal eal steal because non state sta te rresidents esidents must payy $5 $577 per ccoin which pa oin w hich $1,140 anyy ccoins totals $1, 140 if an oins 2-day rremain emain after the 2day deadline. The only thing North North DaDakota k ota rresidents esidents need to do is call National Toll-Free Hotlines the N ational T oll-Free H otlines today’s newspaper pub-printed in toda y’s ne wspaper pub 1965-P 1965-P 1967-P 1967-P 1969-D 1970-D lication before the 2-day order Mint: Philadelphia Mint: Philadelphia Mint: Denver Mint: Denver deadline ends. Mintage: 65,879,366 Mintage: 295,046,978 Mintage: 129,881,800 Mintage: 2,150,000 “Rarely seen U.S. Gov’t issued silver coins like these are highly sought after, but we’ve never seen anything like this before. According to The Official Red Book, a Guide Book of United BEGIN CALLING AT 8:30 AM: 1-800-929-4027 EXT. RJR1023 States Coins many Silver JFK Half Dollars have nearly doubled in collecif you are a resident of the state of North Dakota call now to claim tor value in just the last several years,” the state limit of 6 state of North Dakota restricted bank rolls. all Lynne said. North Dakota residents who beat the 2-day deadline are getting the “So just imagine how much these last only full twenty coin bank rolls loaded with rarely seen u.s. gov’t remaining, unsearched State of North issued silver jfk half dollars dating back over 50 years some worth Dakota Restricted Bank Rolls could be up to 60 times their face value known to exist. The only thing North worth someday. Remember, these are Dakota residents cover is just the $19 per coin state minimum set by the not ordinary coins – these rarely seen national mint and treasury, that’s twenty rarely seen u.s. gov’t issued coins are at least 50 years old. In fact, silver jfk half dollars worth up to 60 times their face value for just these coins have been forever retired $380 and that’s a real steal because non-North Dakota residents must by the U.S. Gov’t, and you can’t get pay $1,140 for each state of North Dakota restricted bank roll. just be sure to call the national toll free hotlines before the deadline ends them rolled this way anywhere because two days from today’s publication date. these are the only State Restricted Bank Rolls known to exist,” said Lynne. “We’re guessing thousands of North Dakota residents will be taking the maximum limit of 6 Bank Rolls because they make such amazing gifts DO NOT CALL BEFORE 5:00 PM TOMORROW: 1-800-929-4148 RJR1023 for any occasion for children, parents, grandparents, friends and loved ones,” if you are a resident living outside of the state of North Dakota Lynne continued. you are required to pay $ 57 for each silver jfk for a total of $1,140 plus shipping and handling for each state of North Dakota “We know the phones will be ringing restricted bank roll loaded with twenty u.s. gov’t issued silver jfk off the hook. That’s why hundreds of half dollars. Hotline Operators are standing by to answer the phones beginning at 8:30am NATIONAL MINT AND TREASURY, LLC IS NOT AFFILIATED WITH THE U.S. MINT, THE U.S. GOVERNMENT, A BANK OR ANY GOVERNMENT this morning. We’re going to do our AGENCY. IF FOR ANY REASON WITHIN 30 DAYS FROM SHIPMENT YOU ARE DISSATISFIED, RETURN THE PRODUCT FOR A REFUND LESS best, but with just 2 days to answer all SHIPPING AND RETURN POSTAGE. THIS SAME OFFER MAY BE MADE AVAILABLE AT A LATER DATE OR IN A DIFFERENT GEOGRAPHICAL the calls it won’t be easy. So make sure LOCATION. OH RESIDENTS ADD 6.5% SALES TAX. NATIONAL MINT AND TREASURY, PO BOX 35609, CANTON, OH 44735 ©2021 NATIONAL MINT AND TREASURY. R1017 to tell everyone to keep calling if all lines NORTH DAKOTA RESIDENTS: COVER JUST $19 MINIMUM PER COIN NON STATE RESIDENTS: MUST PAY $57 PER COIN - IF ANY REMAIN