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Q: A: Is it important to replace missing teeth? Missing teeth may not only be an esthetic concern but it can also cause functional issues such as chewing problems, speech issues and/or loss of Dr. Bethany Schuetzle jaw support. The teeth adjacent to and opposing the missing tooth/teeth may move into this space over time. Due to the possibility of shifting teeth, it is beneficial to restore a missing tooth soon after it is lost rather than waiting. There are several options available to replace missing teeth. These options include: dental implants, fixed partial dentures (also known as dental bridges), and removable prosthetics (complete dentures or partial dentures). There are risks and benefits to each option as well as several factors for considering which replacement options are the best choice for the patient. Factors affecting replacement options include: number of teeth missing, location of missing teeth, health and condition of teeth surrounding missing teeth, and bone health and levels. A dentist will need to complete a comprehensive dental exam in order to determine which treatment options are best suited for you. Accepting all new patients 701-751-7177 1600 Uptown Lane, Bismarck, ND 58503