Details for MIRACLE EAR-LOCAL - Ad from 2019-11-27

• Communication Occurs in the brain. • When we lose our ability to hear, the ear stops sending needed information to the brain, effecting the ability to understand what is being said • “Auditory Deprivation,” can inpair the way the brain processes sound. • In most cases the solution is hearing aids; sending the correct information to the brain, protecting it from atrophy STOPg Ignorin G IN N R A the W Signs! • You HEAR, but DON’T understand. • You ask others to repeat themselves. • People seem to mumble. • You play the TV too loud. Call TODAY for your FREE hearing check SAVINGS SPECIAL 30% OFF ON HEARING AIDS Styles and selections may vary. Please see your local store for more information. Jason, Bobbie, Carol, Cheryl and Amanda West Fargo 701-277-1478 Bismarck/Hazen/Wishek 701-222-2484 Dickinson 701-483-3588 Grand Forks/Devils Lake 701-772-5313 Minot/Williston 701-852-1897 2331 TYLER PARKWAY • SUITE #1 • BISMARCK, ND 701-222-2484 • 1-888-313-0832 Locally Owned and Operated