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Focusedcare. Now,morethanever Moving into Assisted Living during COVID-19 Moving a loved one into a senior living community in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic is a decision that many families understandably approach with caution and hesitation. Yet since early March, when coronavirus suddenly became a household name, Edgewood Healthcare has safely welcomed hundreds of new residents into our communities. Like millions of families each year, maybe you and your clan are determined to continue caring for an aging parent, grandparent or neighbor, while still balancing jobs, relationships, children and life’s obstacles - and that’s before COVID-19 even entered the picture and turned things upside-down. We commend you; what you do every day is not a task that everyone can pull off. Yet even with the best of intentions, most families quickly realize that adding another ball to life’s crazy juggling act is not sustainable long term. If you, a loved one or friend have reached the point that you’re stretched too thin, and caring for a senior loved one has become too much, we want you to know we’re all here for you, because at Edgewood, we believe: Dave moved into Edgewood in mid-April. A 14-day isolation period and a few more weeks of acclimation later, Dave was thriving in his new home – much to Shellee’s relief. “He’s adjusting better than I anticipated,” Shellee says. “Now he gets breakfast, lunch and dinner and has met a bunch of good people.” Meeting new friends has been especially good for Dave, Shellee adds, as he had been living by himself since his wife passed away three years ago. He is also receiving physical therapy right in the comfort of his home community, which is making him “so much stronger,” she says. “He has structure now and that seems to help,” Shellee adds. “He still has days where he gets confused, but I do believe it’s what is best for him.” which comforts her to know that although her father is living in a new home, she and her siblings remain his primary support system. When asked what advice she would give to other families who are going through the difficult decision of moving their family member into senior living during a pandemic, Shellee recommends that they “truly think about what’s best” for their loved one, she says. “If you can’t give them the care they need (on your own), you need to put their needs ahead of your own feelings,” she says. “I still go back and forth, but I do believe that the staff genuinely care for my dad.” Our team at Edgewood Healthcare understands that COVID-19 has created many challenges for seniors and their families. If you are exploring senior living options for yourself or for a loved one but are concerned about doing so during COVID-19, we are here to help in any way we can. It takes a village. Itmaylookabitdifferentrightnow, butEdgewood’svillageofexpertsisheretosupport seniors&theirfamilies; safesocialdistancingdoesn’thavetomeanbeingalone. We’veimplementedspecialmove-inprocesses,allowing Edgewoodtowelcomenewresidentsneedingextra supportnowmorethanever. The story of one Edgewood family that decided to make the move earlier this year, during the height of COVID-19’s first wave, is highlighted below. Shellee’s sister Beth, who is a nurse at a local hospital, gently suggested that it was time to consider senior living for their father. Shellee resisted – largely because of coronavirus concerns – but after their father, Dave, took a memory test that suggested he needed more assistance in his daily living sooner than his daughters thought, deep down Shellee knew her sister was right. “I lead with my emotions and Beth leads with logic,” Shellee said. “I had good intentions but there’s only so much a family member can do. I would have let my dad down by not being able to care for him in the way he deserves to be cared for. It took me a while to realize that.” Dave’s daughters explored senior living options and came across Edgewood. Although Shellee admits she was cynical about moving her father into senior living at the time, she was impressed with their team, who went “above and beyond” to ease the family’s concerns and answer their questions during the tour. Shellee adds that the quality of care from the Edgewood staff makes her feel better about the decision, though she still feels a lot of emotions – like any loving daughter or son would in a time of so much change. Senior Living In-Home Provider She calls her father every day and maintains an open line of communication with the nurses, who do whatever they can to make sure Shellee gets to safely visit her father. “The nurses love my dad,” she says. “Staff arranged it so that every day, seven days a week (when there were no visitors allowed in the building), the staff took my dad down to the activity room so he could sit in front of the window and talk on the phone with me. That way I still got to see him and make sure that he was doing well.” Therapy Services Once Edgewood allowed family members to visit outdoors from a safe distance, Shellee was able to catch up with her father in person while wearing a mask. She’s also able to meet him for his doctor appointments when they take place outside the Edgewood community, Hospice Home Health Short Term Stay Call for info on our “Snowbird” special! 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