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SKIN CANCER PREVENTION Ask a Pro Q: A: : I am a 38 year-old woman and am worried about all of the sun damage I’ve sustained over the years. What can I do to prevent skin cancer? The sun is finally shining in North Dakota, but remember to be mindful when you head outside. The American Cancer Society estimates that Dr. Robert Reynolds, around 230 people in North Dakota will be Radiation Oncologist, diagnosed this year with a cancer that is almost totally preventable – melanoma. Here are some Bismarck Cancer Center important tips to limit further damage: • Limit sun exposure. Seek shade when the sun’s UV rays are the strongest, between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. Or plan outdoor activities around those times. • Apply sunscreen. Use sunscreen that is labeled broad spectrum. This means it covers both types of the sun’s dangerous rays, UVA and UVB rays. Sunscreen also should be at least SPF 30 and water resistant. Apply sunscreen liberally every two hours. • Wear protective clothing. This includes a long- sleeve shirt, wide-brim hat and sunglasses. Many companies even sell clothing with built-in ultraviolet protection. • Frequent skin screenings. You will need to do a head-to-toe exam of your skin. The exam should be done in a well-lit room in front of a full-length mirror. If you find signs of skin cancer during a self-exam, call your healthcare provider. Remember, moderation can go a long way. Tailor your daily practices to embrace skin cancer prevention. 500 N 8th Street Bismarck ND 58501 701.222.6100 • 800.248.5511