Details for BISMARCK LARKS / NORTHWOODS LEAGUE - Ad from 2019-09-21

BEER AND PEANUTS. NEED WE SAY MORE? Every baseball fan knows there is far more to pitching than just throwing the ball. Before every start, a pitcher develops a plan on how best to retire the batters he faces. He relies heavily on his pitching coach and scouting reports as he looks for every advantage to maximize his effectiveness. They give him the best 5%;# #% 7#( '#25%9 67< ./00 5%+ #46+ 4! /%" "#(% '5976 .<%<-6 him. They advise him on the right pitch for every situation, allowing him to adjust his approach as the game unfolds. conference room. Do you really think we;d do that to you? C’mon, you know us and how we roll! Sounds like a good approach to retirement planning. What about your planning? We’re also bringing in another pro! Former Minnesota Vikings 86/: !0/&<:+ 3#.<:6 1:5;-67+ (500 87/:< 7#( 7< -%/%$5/00& !:

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