Details for BISMARCK LARKS / NORTHWOODS LEAGUE - Ad from 2020-06-27

IT’S A RAIN OUT! Not really but a lot of water is involved Water and baseball don’t usually mix. Don’t get us wrong. It’s great for growing green, plush outfield grass at Bismarck Memorial Ballpark. Other than that, it probably means one thing… Larks fans will hear the dreaded two words, rain out. This time, however, we’re hoping a lot of water will be flowing on Friday, July 3 because we’re going to get “down and dirty.” More precisely, we’re getting down washing the dirt from your car! Wait, is that Working at the Car Wash we hear playing? It could be as the Larks will be partnering with our amazing friends at Eide Ford and Eide Chrysler to put on the ultimate party, CLARK’S CAR WASH! Clark, Merifeather, along with the Larks, Bull Moose and Flickertails players will scrub, wash and dry as many cars as possible between the hours of 10-3 pm at Bismarck Municipal Ballpark. They’ll even get help from Scrrratch and the Bismarck Bobcats! What’s it going to cost you? That’s totally up to you, because all we will be asking for is a donation benefitting Bismarck Public Schools. But wait, it gets better! Eide Ford and Eide Chrysler will DOUBLE MATCH your donation. That means, if you give us $20, our friends at Eide will donate $40! Sounds like another Larks clean sweep! To get your little baby clean (we’re talking about your car) as a whistle, enter the ballpark parking lot from Hannifan Street directly off Front Street. Our team of “professional car washers” will direct you through. Once your car is done, give your donation to one of our team members and exit the parking lot onto Sweet Avenue. That’s it. Clean and easy. So, come and join us Friday, July 3 between 10-3 pm, for the first ever “CLARK’S CAR WASH” benefitting the Bismarck Public Schools. It’s gonna’ be a “bubblicious good time!” Bismarck Larks 300 N 4th Street • Suite 103 Bismarck, ND 58501 (701) 557-7600 |