Details for 3551 Village Circle (across t


3551 Village Circle (across the street from the North end of the Baptist Home), Saturday ONLY 9 am - 4 pm Antique Cherub lamp, antique kerosene lamp, antique cracker box, collector plates (various artists and themes (Broncos, Cardinals, Terry Redlin, Julie Kramer Cole, Christmas, others)), collector Beanie Babies (Blue Clubby Bear, Mark Mcguireammy Sosa), collector dolls (Dolly Parton, Barbies, Little Rascals, others), collector knick knacks (Precious Moments, Harry Potter, Red Hat, Lighthouses, Fire Stations, Wooden Dutch Shoes, bobble heads), lighted Christmas Villages (Precious Moments, and others), Christmas decorations (Terry Redlin, Wolves), Russian Nesting Dolls, home d├ęcor, wall hanging pictures, picture frames, thimbles, Jewelry, beads, crystal dishes, Vintage calcuagraph machines, Super Bowl Trading Cards, Vintage Teddy Roosevelt Teddy Bear, and more. Cash only please.