Details for SouthBay 3-15,16,20-19

Lots Starting at $84,000 PoseIdon looP Gated CoMMunIty Model HoMe phase 3 phase 5 • PoseIdon looP - only Gated CommunIty In BIsmarCk/mandan is Now ime T the Buy to NOW AVAILABLE-Call for more information Phase 5 - Save the Best for Last Ph Lot ase 5 Avais Now lable Beach • Only waterfrOnt develOpment with nO flOOd issues • Over 3 1/2 miles Of shOreline fishinG • walKOut Basements tO laKe On larGe lOts • One Of the larGest man-made private laKes in nd Lots ble tia g Ne o Com in Patio g Soon Hom es twIn Home lots FREE Trees with a lot Park area lots sold For Your Best Price, call Me, Kevin turnBow, DeveloPer 258-7815 GO tO www.sOuthBayBismarcK.cOm

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