Details for Pros-Larks 5-12-19

THIS IS ONE VOTE YOU “DONUT” WANT TO MISS! This year’s candidates are simply...DELICIOUS! MVP voting is underway! Our Final Challenger: The Lime Drive Actually, we mean MVD…Most Valuable Donut. Every baseball fan knows that a line drive can be great if it’s a home run. Of course, it’s not so good if it’s a hotshot to the shortstop. Trust us when we tell you that you’ll be doing your best home-run trot with this “Lime Drive.” 8+2- 0 9&735.9!7& '35*+ %!+# 9&735 699!5$ 05' 9!7& )05'" topping. Man, success never tasted so sweet. That’s right. Our friends at BEARSCAT are at it again. For the second year, they’ve cooked up (or is it fried?), more delectable treats to challenge the taste-buds of LARKS fans. Your vote is going to decide which of these tasty morsels becomes our MVD to be featured at Bearscat throughout the season. Voting opens April 22 and runs through May 17. We encourage you to vote as often as you want for your favorite donut at any Bearscat location. There will be a different donut every week for you to try! Just remember, any good voter always vets the candidates before voting. And by vet, we mean EAT. Of course, you may need to do a lot of research. So, eat – eat - eat! This year, Bearscat is bringing back one of last year’s )35+&5'&/- +3 )#099&5$& +#/&& 5&% 40(3/- !5 9!5& *1, Remember, voting runs April 22 through May 17. Vote at any Bearscat location. The winning donut will be available at Bearscat throughout the Larks season, and there will be a special sign at the ballpark! The biggest prize of course, is the honor of being the MOST VALUABLE DONUT!! Creative writing by Engelman Associates, LLC. Bismarck Larks 300 N 4th Street • Suite 103 Bismarck, ND 58501 (701) 557-7600 • DONUT OF THE WEEK: The Lime Drive TASTE and VOTE for the Bearscat Bakehouse 2019 Larks Donut at Bearscat!

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