Details for Pros-Larks 7-10-19

YOU WON’T GET TOSSED FOR USING THIS “SUBSTANCE” Whitey Ford did it. So did Gaylord Perry. Tommy John tried it. And yes, so did Orel Hershiser. There’s a lot more who gave it a shot. Pitchers have been trying to doctor baseballs since the beginning of the sport. They’ll use pine tar, Firm Grip, sunscreen, shaving cream, spit, petroleum jelly and, well, a lot of other foreign substances. Anything that might give them a little extra something when facing baseball’s best hitters. They go to outlandish ends to hide what they’re doing, too. They’ll put the gunk under the brim of their cap, inside their belt and between the webbing of their gloves. They even try to hide it in plain sight by rubbing it into the fabric of their jersey. offer you a great oil change deal. PLUS, we’re giving you a chance to snag a sweet Larks travel mug. All you need to do is purchase one of these Tires Plus 5-quart oil changes and you’ll drive away with a Larks mug in hand. • Conventional $35.99 • Semi-Synthetic $45.99 • Full Synthetic $58.99 Just changed your oil and still want the Larks travel mug? You’re still in the game, because we’ve got you covered! Simply swing by Tires Plus and pre-purchase the oil change of your choice, and we’ll give you a certificate redeemable at your convenience. That’s it. The Larks travel mug is yours for FREE. Of course, if they get caught using it, they’re getting tossed The promotion begins July 15, and there are only 250 of from the game. The commissioner may be calling to ask for a these oil change specials available. little money too, if you know what I mean. Yep, lubricating a baseball can cost a player. Not lubricating your car can cost you. Making sure your car has timely oil changes ensures your car runs smooth and ultimately saves you money. That’s why the Larks and Tires Plus are teaming up all season long to Creative writing by Engelman Associates, LLC. Bismarck Larks 300 N 4th Street • Suite 103 Bismarck, ND 58501 (701) 557-7600 ONLY 250 AVAILABLE STARTING JULY 1ST Purchase an oil change at Tires Plus and receive a LARKS TRAVEL MUG FOR FREE!

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