Details for Pros-Larks 7-9-19

YOU’LL WANT TO BE SEEN IN THIS CAMO! Hide in this hat? We don’t think so! Every North Dakotan knows what camo is all about. Heck, it may be hard for you to find someone around here who doesn’t own some. Wearing camo is almost, well, genetic. It doesn’t have to be hunting season for us to wear camo pants, jacket, gloves and vests. You’ll find us in camo pj’s, sleeping on camo bed sheets and, yes, attending prom stylishly dressed in a perfectly coordinated camo prom dress and tuxedo. Yes, we know, camo is meant to conceal you. We just don’t think it’s possible when you wear this great looking hat. You’re just gonna want others to see you wearing it! C’mon, do you know a hunter that doesn’t want to display their trophy? The hat is easy to find. Simply spend $25 or more at the Bismarck Scheels store, present your receipt at the Customer Service Counter, and you’ve bagged yourself a hat. We’re fairly certain there’s a toddler scooting around out there wearing camo diapers. Not that we want to know what they’re trying to hide. We have to warn you though, they may be quite elusive. There are only 500 available. Hunting season for the limited edition Larks camo hat opens July 1. We’d even venture to say that there are probably a few fathers who brought their babies home from the hospital wrapped in camo blankets (pink and blue). They move fast, so hurry in for yours! Creative writing by Engelman Associates, LLC. Oh yeah, North Dakotans love their camo, and we wear it really Bismarck Larks well! 300 N 4th Street • Suite 103 Bismarck, ND 58501 If there’s anyone who knows camo, it’s Scheels! That’s why the (701) 557-7600 | Larks are teaming up with Scheels again in 2019. Yep, we’re offering a special, limited edition camo hat bearing the Larks logo. They’re not available at the ballpark. You can only get them at Scheels in the Kirkwood Mall. THE COOLEST HAT YOU CAN ONLY GET AT • Purchase $25 or more at SCHEELS. • Show your receipt at the SCHEELS customer service counter. • Receive a limited-edition Larks camo hat for FREE! ONLY 500 hats available starting July 1st.

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